If you need the perfect combination of mid-lane roll and backend reactivity with head-turn pin carry, the Dark Code should be your very first choice. Easy power and a gorgeous look? Sign us up.

Fragrance: Cherry Delight

Released: July 2nd, 2021

Color: Obsidian

Technical Specifications

  • 12 lbs.
    Radius of Gyration






  • 13 lbs.
    Radius of Gyration






  • 14 lbs.
    Radius of Gyration






  • 15 lbs.
    Radius of Gyration






  • 16 lbs.
    Radius of Gyration







The Dark Code features an extremely dense modified disc technology shape called the RAD4 Core. First introduced in the X-Factor™ series, RAD (Radial Accelerating Disc) technology produces, bar none, more torque and entry angle than traditional asymmetrical cores. It’s the new standard for high performance.

The birth of a legend.

Traditionally, the term “hybrid” suggests that both solid and pearl components coexist within a coverstock. We saw a better way for hybrids and took it. When we joined R2S™ with NeX™ in the lab, the results exceeded our expectations. In our testing, we discovered that the Dark Code read the midlane slightly sooner than the Code Black™ thanks to its NeX foundation but produced similar backend and entry angle numbers because the chemical porosity of R2S is slightly more compact than NeX. We left nothing to chance with this one. Thus, ReX a.k.a. “Reactor Extreme” was born.

Ball Reaction Section

Dark Code Ball Reaction

A Whole New Vision

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Dark Code
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Dark Code
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Dark Code
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Product Reviews
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May 10, 2022
I love this ball
Every since I ordered this ball it’s one of my go to balls for the fresh it has a lot of great shape down line it hooks I don’t know what else to say about it
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January 13, 2022
The Dark Code Is Perfect!!
The Dark Code was one of a few I was able to test out in my initial looks at the 2020-2022 Storm Products. You see it’s been 10 years since I have actually thrown the SPI products. A lot has changed but not the motion you get out of them. They definitely react down the lane. The Dark Code included. In my first initial thoughts, I felt like it would be a great game 2 or game 3 ball when rolling it. Seemed like for me the ball was hit and miss on fresh until the lane developed more. Like some I went into the first few fresh shots, thinking of the Code series of balls and I feel that is a slight mistake. The role of the Dark Code is to roll a bit smoother and save energy with that R2X Cover. It’s a tad weaker cover and allows for a clean entry angle through the fronts. Leaving room for a whippy change of direction down-lane. On the fresh I found that using a 3000 abralon pad to knock the shine off the cover and it is very user friendly from game one through game 3. For me this ball would fit in between the 900 Global Altered Reality and the Wolverine. This would be a great addition to anyone’s bag! Very Predictable.
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Melvin P.
January 4, 2022
I'm loving this ball so far. Really has come to play much. Great ball for my arsenal
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December 5, 2021
The complete bowling ball
I have never seen a ball with alot of backend power until I purchased the DarK Code.. I went from an average of 160 to 225 now that’s a big difference. Great job Storm!!!
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Jeremy Traut
October 24, 2021
Strong ball
I bought the dark code after recently throwing radical/dv8/hammer and this is my first storm ball I’ve bought in 15 plus years and I am overall impressed with the ball I’m thinking about getting another one. Love the shape the hook the ball gives and the backend is insane.
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October 9, 2021
Dark code review
Very clean and very strong ball is hooks alot in the back end I love this ball I would recommend this balls for anyone
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Roto Grip Rick
September 5, 2021
Dark Code By Roto Grip Rick
Storm Dark Code:
Coverstock: ReX Pearl Reactive
Weight Block: RAD4 Core
Finish: 1500-grit polished
Layout: 4.5 x 5 x 2
Testing on a 43ft THS with recent changes to the amount of reverse oil to help calm down the early hook that the center's lane panels have, I first found it quite challenging on the fresh to develop a good clean look, a little earlier hook then I was expecting, but once the pattern started to develop a little push of oil down lane, the overall performance of the ball became quite amazing. More control without losing any carrying power through the pins. Went to another center that has newer SPL with a longer length house pattern and found the Dark Code worked so much better on the fresh. The DARK CODE did not over hook on the pattern like similar balls I used in that same house. I tend to have over / under there when using benchmark balls like Idols and stronger ASYMS like The Nuclear Cells in this center and seemed to always be "between" balls. I found a great ball to use in this center at the start of this coming bowling season and it is the DARK CODE.
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Mike Craig - Storm Products Amateur Staff
August 26, 2021
Dark Code review by Mike Craig
I drilled the DARK CODE up 75 x 5 x 30. I have touched up the surface with 2000 abr lightly. i wanted to get a long and strong reaction with this one.

The DARK CODE is the long/strong reaction that many are looking for. Compared to my UFO ALERT, the DARK CODE comes off the spot faster. The ALERT rolls thru it while the CODE jumps off the spot. Touching the surface with the 2000 pad made it more controllable. I also tried my RST-X2 in the same spot and the CODE is still stronger at the spot than the X2.
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Glenn Wendel
August 22, 2021
Dark Code Review
Ball Specs:
Storm Dark Code
Pearl Reactive
1500 Grit Polished
Asymmetric Core
Layout 50 x 5 x 35

Bowler Specs:
Right Hand. PAP 5” Over 1/2 up
Rev Rate 300. Tilt 20. Rotation 50.
Speed at cameras 15.5

The Storm Dark Code is another great addition to the Storm Line. We had a good number of people pre order this ball at our shop. If you had a Code Black you will see a similar roll just more of it. My customers who have rolled both report the Dark Code is an upgrade on the original. The Dark Code provides a large amount of hook for a polished ball. I feel what helps this is the mixture of the R2S additive in the pearl cover. Some people are Leary to roll polished balls when the lanes are oily but the new polished balls I’m seeing from Storm are very strong. I have used this ball a lot at two houses toward the end of our summer leagues with great success. I would put it above my Axiom Pearl in total hook. It is as strong as my Parallax Effect but I prefer the shape the dark code gives me. If you are looking for a strong Pearl or a Code Black upgrade this should fit the bill!

The Dark Code is an upgrade on the original Code Black.
The Dark Code rolls well on a variety of patterns and hits hard.
This ball has a lot of motion for a polished ball.

Video link:

Glenn Wendel
PBA Member
Storm Pro Shop Staff

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Dark night of bowling
August 1, 2021
Epic ball
Very smooth track. Explosive back end. Dark code comes back from all angles. Must need bowl.
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July 30, 2021
Amazing ball
This ball is the definition of power, if you can learn to constantly throw/ release it the same way, you got your ticket to some high scoring games.
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July 27, 2021
Dark Code!
As always, I would like to thank Storm for providing the equipment I use every time I step out onto the lanes and Logo Infusion for making sure I always look good no matter what! Today I will be bowling on a standard medium volume house shot. The Dark Code features the Rad 4 core found in all the previous code balls but is now wrapped in REX pearl. This direct quote from Storm explains the design intent behind the Dark Code. “Some bowling balls immediately sink their teeth into the lane in order to provide traction in oil. Others glide through the front part of the lane with ease, saving all their energy for an explosive backend reaction. But, what happens when you have a ball that’s capable of offering both?” What this boils down to is a high differential and lower RG core that wants stability as soon as you release it wrapped in a higher friction pearl cover. The REX cover takes the best characteristics of R2S, known for its longevity and versatility as well as a quicker response time from steeper angles; and combines it with the insane traction NEX produces. I’ve found that the Dark Code is truly the best of both worlds. I am able to trap the ball with closed angles and still have it slow down enough to blend the friction and with a small hand position I can open up my angles and allow the ball to respond faster off the friction once the pattern is more developed. I was able to use the Dark Code for the first time on a 47’ 3:1 sport pattern games 2-6 and it looked fantastic the whole time. Two days later in league I was able to throw it on our fresh house shot and started off with a spare then rattled off 14 in a row. When compared to the Parallax Effect, the Dark Code is a touch longer and more responsive down lane. Compared to the Axiom Pearl, the Dark Code is earlier and stronger overall. Be sure to stop into your local Storm VIP Pro Shop and pre-order your very own Dark Code today!

Review Video: https://youtu.be/NpV6N-hKbZE
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June 12, 2021
Awesome ball, yes yes
Very aggressive ball. First game out of the box 198. Ya Hooo. Very consistent. After that 200 plus each time. Average going up and up. Love the new Storm Dark Code.And compared to storm Proton physix all most equal. Except hole bunch of messengers flying everywhere.Well thats my review.
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May 5, 2021
haven't rolled the ball yet so i cant talk about the performance of the ball but I'm digging the videos... can't wait
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