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Steve Cook - Owner of Steve Cook's Bowling Supply
"Bill & Barbara: I can remember back when I was still on the Tour and opened my business, Steve Cook's Bowling Supply, in the fall of 1989 and I carried this cleaner called U Clean / U ScoreTM. Wow, look at them now - from cleaners to one of the best bowling ball manufacturers in the country. It couldn't have happened to better people.

Congrats and thanks for your years of support. Storm really is The Bowler's Company!"
Peter Somoff - Director of Global Technical Communications Storm Products, Inc.
"Over the 20 years that I have been with Storm, two things have been constant. The first is Bill's emphasis on protecting and supporting the teaching of the sport. The second is that everyone at Storm, from top management to the people physically producing the products bowl. The employees are proud of the products they produce."
Bob Hart - VP of Public Relations - Storm Products, Inc.
"Being a part of the Storm family over the past 19 years has allowed me to participate in an amazing success story. I am honored and proud to be a part of this journey. Thanks for allowing me that privilege"
Randy Pedersen - Storm National Staff
"It's been a real pleasure working for the greatest company in all of Bowling the last 12 years. I would like to thank Bill and Barb for not only making me feel like a Champion, but like a member of the Storm family."
Michael Haugan Jr. - National Staff
"It's great that two people care for the game as much as they do. The sport can use more people like Bill and Barbara. I am grateful for the opportunity they provide the bowlers worldwide."
Mike Jasnau - Storm Staff
"Storm has been and continues to be a big part of my bowling family. Through this association I've been fortunate enough to meet some of the best and brightest in the bowling industry, including some of my closest friends. I really have Bill and Barbara Chrisman to thank for that! Their vision and the company that they created is no doubt is the root of thousands of stories and successes just like mine. Thank you Bill and Barbara for ALL that you've done and continue to do!! You've made a difference and changed the bowling world in a very good way!"
Terry & Andy Brenneman - Owners of Bowlres' Supply, Inc.
"Storm has become a world-renowned manufacturer of bowling balls and related equipment. They have done this by producing a great product, working closely with the distributor network and being very generous supporters of the bowling industry. I doubt many people realize how much money they have put back into bowling, along with their personal time.

Bill, slow down a little and take some time to practice your bowling for the USBC tournament! Thank you both for all you have done for bowling."
Jeff Richgels - Storm National Staff Member
"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for always standing by me through my ups and downs. Of all my titles I have earned, being called your friend is the one I cherish the most. Tracy and I love you both."
Daniel Higgins - Storm Staff
"Some people dream of great accomplishments, STORM has provided them."
Patrick Polash - Our Family Pro Shop
"We would like to extend our sincerest congratulations to Storm Products for all the years of unparalleled success and innovation. We have been part of the various Storm programs for over 10 years and you continue to innovate and churn out new, exciting and cutting edge products. Here's to you Bill and Barbara and all the rest of the Storm Products Staff, you truly are THE BOWLERS COMPANY."
Takeshi Shiina - High Sports Co., LTD
"Storm is the best partner. We started our bowling equipment business with Storm and grew together. Storm has now acquired the number one position in the bowling ball manufacturing business and the highest reputation and trust from the Japanese bowlers. Keep making innovative and quality products!"
Craig Harrington - Storm Staff
"What Storm means to me besides the game of bowling are 3 words...Family, Friends and Home. There was a song that came out last year performed by Philip Philips called Home. The chorus says it all for me as it goes..."know you're not alone, I'm going to make this place your home!!"
Tyler Jensen - Regional Sales Manager Storm Products, Inc.
"Storm to me means bowling balls made by bowlers and at the highest quality. The pride and passion that goes into every product is unmatched and I'm extremely proud to be part of such an amazing company"
Robert Korth - Staff Member
"During the Storm party in Las Vegas this past June I went to Bill to thank him for all he has done for the game of bowling and for me by giving me the honor of being on the Roto Grip staff. Bill turned all of that around by thanking me for wearing my staff shirt to the party. I tried to thank him and he made me feel like the special one . This attitude filterers down from the top to all the people who work for Storm. This is why Storm is the Bowlers Company."
Jeff Baker - 40 Boards and a Ball
"40 Boards & A Ball want to thank Storm for the opportunity of having a major bowling company support our effort to grow competitive bowling."
Danny Wiseman - PBA Hall of Fame Member
"For approximately13 years Storm has been an intrical part of my now PBA Hall of Fame career. I have always felt like I was part of the Storm Family and I appreciate the and warmth from all the employees I have met over the years. The products have always been intigrated with our ever changing environment and Storm has always been one of the leaders in bowling technology."
Mike Sargent - Technical Services Manager - Storm Products, Inc.
""Storm is a dream come true that went from a hobby, to a paying job that I have never felt was work to me. Storm to me means that dreams do come true and that if you work hard enough and have a deep enough desire to get where you want to go, that it is possible....Storm is proof!"
John Brockland - Staff Member
"Barb Chrisman, when asked to speak a message to StormNation from BowlExpo on IBlivestream, said:

"I would like to say to all of StormNation, thank you for supporting Storm so that Storm can support the industry! The better the industry is, the better it is for all of us. Keep bowlin'! Bowl up a Storm!"

The measure of great leadership rests largely in the willingness to think beyond self-interest and to unite people with a concern for the greater good. The Chrisman's and Storm do that better than any! Thanks for the privilege of being part of the Storm/RG family."
Joe Cerar - Bowlers Journal
"Storm has won more Bowlers Journal "Ball of the Year" awards than any other manufacturer! Here's to this dynasty continuing."
Steve Kloempken - Technical Director Storm Products, Inc
"Storm earned the reputation of being 'the bowler's company' by continuously giving back to the bowlers, our customers, each and every year since our inception in1991."

At Storm, we have never forgotten our core values which include continuous innovation and supreme customer service.

Bill and Barb, you ROCK!"
Rick Mitchell - Staff Member
"At the 25th anniversary party in Las Vegas, I was surprised that Bill and Barbara knew who I was. I am just an amateur staff member from little old East Berlin Pennsylvania, and Bill thank me personally for the work I have done for the company by doing matchmaker events in the northeast and for doing tradeshows. That totally floored me, he treated me like I was the only staff person in the room during that conversation... He made me feel like "family". Since that day, I have stride to work harder to get the word out about Roto Grip and Storm balls, bags, shoes, and accessories"
Cathy Kay and Donna McDermot - Master Industries
"We would like to thank Bill and Barb for immediately welcoming us and treating us like part of the family. They are truly genuine people and we are so lucky to have them in our lives."
Chris Sand - Regional Sales Manager Storm Products, Inc.
"Bill and Barbara are about commitment. Commitment to bowling, their employees, having the best high performance bowling balls in the industry, and countless charitable donations. Thank you Bill and Barbara for being a part of our family."
Leanne Hulsenberg - Marketing Coordinator Storm Products, Inc.
"In all my years on the LPBT and PWBA, I always admired Barb and Bill Chrisman for being so involved and generous with their sponsorship of our events. Now, after just 3 months of working for Storm, I see that their generosity is not only for bowling, it's the same way they treat all of the employees at Storm too. My family and I are fortunate to be a part of Storm."
PJ Haggerty - Storm Staff Member
"Being part of the Storm Family is something special. I am blessed and proud to represent the Chrisman family and Storm Products."
Rob Aimers - Revolutions Pro Shop
"Storm is my life blood. I owe a great deal (if not all) of my success on the lanes, and in the pro shop, to the Storm and Roto-Grip brands.

Mr. and Mrs. Chrisman, I can't ever thank you enough for the opportunity to be on staff with the best bowling manufacturer in the world. I'm very honored and humbled to be in a position that I could have only imagined as a youth bowler growing up and wanting to sign a contract with the 'Bowler's Company."
Bill Zhang - TSH Bowling
"Storm means splendid service, and top quality. I wish you peace, joy and happiness all your life!"
Anthony Reynaud - Storm Staff
"Storm is a company that is committed to excellence, and is always striving to be the best that they can be. I truly feel that I wouldn't have the opportunity to achieve the best I can be without the knowledge and engineering of the best bowling ball company in the world. Storm motivates me!"
Tim Mack - Storm Staff Member
"Thank you Bill and Barbara Chrisman for the opportunity to live a dream. Traveling the world for 18 years will be with me forever..

Thank you to all the employees of Storm for being an important part of my bowling success worldwide. Your are all a great bunch of people. All of you have made a huge impact on the sport of bowling.

I have spent my whole adult life with Storm. Storm has been and always will be very special and dear to me."
Kelly Kulick - Storm National Staff
"Storm truly is the bowler's company. I am more then just a player or athlete to them. I am a person respected for my intelligence and ability. They care about their team."
Reggie Locket - Staff Member
"I would like to officially commend Bill and Barbara Chrisman for bringing Storm Bowling to the market. I want to make sure they receive the recognition they rightly deserve. Their insight and their participation in college and high school bowling is exceptional. The staff they have assembled is second to none in the bowling industry."
Jason Belmonte - Storm National Staff Member
"One of the main reasons why I have been able to achieve what I have in bowling is because Bill and Barb took a chance on me. I'm in debt to Bill, Barb and Storm forever for giving me that opportunity, and every day I try to pay back that debt in every way I know how. To be able to work for a company that isn't just about dollars and cents, but cares just as much about its employees and the sport of bowling, is a blessing. Thank you, Storm, for making bowling better."
Mike Edwards - Staff Member
"Thank you Bill and Barb. Your vision and sacrifice has made it possible for us all to succeed."
Corbet Austin - VP of Operations - Storm Products, Inc.
"Nearly twenty years after our first trade show, you have the same look on your face and the same attitude as you did back then - ready to take on the world!"
Cathy Kay & Donna McDermott - Master Inudstries Worldwide, LLC
"We would like to thank Bill and Barb for immediately welcoming us and treating us like part of the family. They are truly genuine people and we are so lucky to have them in our lives. Storm means a whole new world for Master Industries. All of the Storm employees have willingly helped us grow into a new and better Master Industries. We absolutely love the Storm family! It's great to be around professionals who still know how to have fun."
Chris Bolo - Storm Staff
"Using storm is like adding fuel to the fire" It just keeps the fire burning!!!!"
Misty Evans - Accounts Payable Clerk Storm Products, Inc.
"It's hard to express how you feel to people who have literally changed your whole life. That's what working for Storm has done for me. I feel enormous gratitude every day to be a part of what Bill and Barbara have created." - Misty Dawn Evans, Storm Accounts Payable Clerk"
David Caldwell - Gran Prix
"We met Bill and Barbara in the last century at a regional IBPSIA trade show in Indianapolis. High Score, as it was known then, was just getting into the ball market with the Storm name. We have been very happy to be an industry partner with Bill and Barbara for over 20 years. Congratulations."
Brian Himmler - Storm Staff
"Storm has given me the chance to succeed in the competition and business of our great sport"
Larry Schwab - Larry's Pro Shop
"Storm has come to mean consistent and reliable quality. While others may have a hot ball now and then, Storm always provides consistent quality up and down their entire product line; that's something we've come to depend on for our customers. Storm has become a staple at our shop with their complete line of quality products."
Minsok Kim - Jin Seung Trading
"Nothing's better than the wind to your back, the sun in front of you, and friends beside us." (Aaron Douglas Trimble) I would like to take this opportunity to extend my profound gratitude to you for your help and endless support to build up bowling business in Korea. You are the best! Thank you my brother."
Bruce Himbert - Storm Staff Member
"Storm is family to me. I have been with them for 17 years and have always felt that they care about all bowlers. Like they say, they are The Bowlers Company. They have been there not only for me and my family but for my sons college tea at Morehead State. Storm is always there to help the bowlers."
Robert Dong - VP of International Sales and Marketing - Storm Products, Inc.
"Storm is a home away from home. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to go out and build the Storm success story in Asia. You are my best friends."
Fran Deken - Storm Staff
"About Storm - The equipment is great but the people who make it, market it, distribute it and sell it are even greater because they make an all out effort to satisfy the customers and improve their bowling experience."
Louie Wemett - Communications Manager Storm Products, Inc.
"Bill and Barbara started with nothing but had an idea and a dream. Competing against the giants of the industry was considered a crazy endeavor. They never gave up, never gave in and built Storm into an industry leader. Storm is an American success story."
Derek Eoff - Storm Staff Member
"I feel fortunate and lucky to be able to use the best bowling balls on the market and represent Storm. Without Storm I would not have the success I have had in my career. I am truly thankful that Storm took a chance on me and I owe a lot of my success to Storm."
Jodi Woessner - Storm Staff
"Even before becoming a staff member, the support I received from Doene, Schlem, Hank and others was deeply appreciated. Yes, Storm Products matched up well with my game, but it is the people who make the difference! Storm means family to me."
Donna Conners & Carol Norman - Owners of UCANBOWL2 Pro Shop & Storm Staff Members
"From the beginning of Storm until now, Bill and Barbara have given the bowling community what it needs - personal, down-to-earth contact with bowlers, both on and off the lanes. It's amazing that one little bowling ball developed in their home has done so much for so many! From your girls in Houston, we love you both and love being a part of the Storm family!"
Jeff Carter - Storm Staff
"Being with Storm for almost a decade now has meant the world to me on and off of the lanes. While I was on Tour I was provided the best in equipment, coaching and support from the entire company. Looking back, I wouldn't have been able to accomplish what I did without all of the help and support. Most people look at Storm as one of the leaders in bowling ball manufacturing, but the company is so much more. It's bowlers working for bowlers... hard work and passion have gotten Storm to the top, and I don't see that changing anytime soon."
Yap Kok Wee - Singapore Sports School
"Storm has proven to be a quality organization that cares for their customers and provides excellent products and services. Thank you for coming into my life and for all your support."
Jeff Mraz - Ace Mitchell Bowlers Mart
"Bill and Barbara Chrisman have always been fair and honest partners to Ace Mitchell for the last 25 years. They have handed down their integrity and fairness to all of their employees and have been a joy to work with. They are truly great people and partners."
Terry and Andy Brenneman - Bowler's Supply Inc.
"Storm has become a world known manufacture of bowling balls and related equipment. They have done this by producing a great product, working closely with the distributor network, and being a very generous supporter of the bowling industry. I doubt many people realize how much money they have put back into bowling, along with their personal time. I would like to tell Bill to slow down a little and take some time to practice your bowling for the USBC tournament! Thank you both for all you have done for bowling."
Ryan Shafer - Storm National Staff
"Storm has meant a great deal to me because it has been home. I was accepted as a family member 12 years ago and it just feels right being a part of The Bowlers Company. I cant imagine working for a better company or 2 better people."
Hank & Lindsay Boomershine - VP of Sales and Marketing - Storm Products Inc. & Storm Staff Member
"Bill and Barbara symbolize the relentless perseverance of two visionaries and their tireless efforts to achieve that ongoing goal. Storm symbolizes the epitome of teamwork throughout the entire company. You have done so many positive things in the sport of bowling. It will never be forgotten. Thank you for the opportunity to be involved in this fantastic company created by two amazing people."
Daniel Bock - Storm Staff
"Bill and Barbara, thank you for putting your bowlers first. Congratulations on all your success!"
Dale Niemela -
"Who and what is Storm? When I started with other ball companies they were the "big" competition. They couldn't just be lucky. They must just do everything right. Fitting, that as my career was closing I finally got to work for Storm and see firsthand who and what is Storm. They aren't just lucky. They don't do everything right. Storm is Bill and Barb with a whole lot of dedicated people who embody the passion of the Chrisman's. - passion that loves the sport; the passion that gives back to the sport; the passion that makes Storm the "BIG" competition to all the other companies. So now I am retired and feel fulfilled because I had a chance to work with Storm. Yes I say work "with" rather than "for" because that's their secret. Everyone works with Bill and Barb. Their slogan is just as true as Nike's "just do it". Storm is "the bowler's company". All that time I spent trying to compete with them and now I realize how simple it was. Just read the damn slogan.

Bill and Barb, thanks for all you do for the sport we all love. You have made a difference.

Storm realizes that the pie is getting smaller and the object can no longer be to have a bigger piece but to make the pie bigger again. Thanks for always getting it Storm (Bill and Barb)."
Wes Pye - Sales Consutant - Storm Products, Inc.
"STORM is the foundation for bowlers to have fun and strive for perfection at the same time."

I very humbly Thank You both for having this incredible vision called STORM. It's very inspiring to be a part of such an adventure with so many great people. You've not only changed the game. You've positively changed the course of people's lives and the sport of Bowling. I may never truly be able to thank you both totally for what you have done for me. I will do so by moving forward in relentless pursuit of continuing to spread the passion and ideals of STORM."
Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, Del & Alyssa Ballard - National Staff Members
"We consider it a privilege to be a part of such a great industry family. Storm exemplifies the bond between bowler, company and friend. Once you are a part of Storm, it is inevitable that your friendship with Bill and Barbara Chrisman grows because you become a part of them. Our industry can continue to change, but one thing that stays forever constant is the unbridled passion, dedication and service that Storm provides to their people. It is no wonder why Storm is an industry leader with a winning philosophy. Thank you for all you do for the industry and your friends."
Cecil Scarboro - Vise Inserts
"Let me start my story with a tragedy. On September 28, 2012 Tony Reyes, a dear friend to the bowling community was lost due to an automobile accident. Bill Chrisman of Storm Bowling Products offered up the Chrisman Foundation as a focal point for all funds to be sent to for the Tony Reyes fundraising campaign. Using Storm Staff members, the Tony Reyes Fundraising Campaign was kicked off with back-to-back VISE Progressive Pot Games. One of the events took place at 4th Street Bowl in San Jose, California which was Tony's home center and location of his Bowling Pro Shop. Next, was the Tony Reyes Comedy Night at the San Jose Improv with Storm Staffer Randy Pedersen as the Master of Ceremonies. When it was all said and done, the bowling community raised over $50,000 for the family. Without the support from Bill Chrisman and the Chrisman Foundation this could have never happened."
Norm Duke - Storm National Staff
"Thank you Bill and Barbara! You guys are truly loved."
Mike Flanagan - Director of Marketing Storm Products, Inc.
""The impact Bill and Barbara have had on the industry is simply magical. Working for Storm is a dream job for me, and I enjoy every minute of it."
Dave Symes - President - Storm Products, Inc.
"In my mind, there are three words that best describe Bill and Barb: vision, passion and generosity. They have vision to see how something can be, passion to nurture and grow it into something great and generosity to give back. Bowling is better because of them."
Eric Forkel - Storm Staff
"Thank you for asking me in 98 to be a part of Storm, I remember that phone call from you Bill like it was yesterday and have enjoyed these last 15 years and look forward to countless others!!"
Diandra Asbaty - Storm National Staff
"Storm means faith. They had faith in my abilities to sign me to their exclusive national staff. Storm means loyalty. Their staff stays. For a long time. That says everything. Storm means confidence. It's easy to have confidence when you have the best equipment and the best team behind you. Storm means support. Unlike any support in the bowling industry. The ball reps, the owners, the everything. The support runs deep. Storm means strength. In numbers, in wins, in spirit. The spirit of Storm is powerful. It gives me the strength that I can win anything, at anytime. Anywhere."
Ron Wood - Owner of Las Vegas Bowling Supply
"Storm Products symbolizes commitment and integrity. The company has always given unselfishly back to the sport and the business of bowling. Bill and Barbara, thank you for your friendship and dedication to the game we all love. You really have made Storm The Bowler's Company. I am proud to have been a small part of the success of Storm Products."