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    Las Vegas, Nevada
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David Haynes


David Haynes is a Las Vegas pro shop owner and 11-year member of the Storm Staff. David bowled his first 800 series at the age of 15, and his first 300 the following year. Also at the young age of 15 he finished 3rd in the High Roller and 25th in the Showboat Invitational. Among his many accomplishments the highlight of his career is the number of years on Team USA (10), and winning the gold medal in South Korea with an all-amateur team in 2006. The last win by the USA had previously been in 1965.  

When not on the lanes you can find David drilling balls at Nadeau/Haynes Bowling Supply in Las Vegas, NV.


  • Gold medal (team) at 2007 Men's American Zone Championships
  • Gold medal (team) at 2006 Men's World Championships
  • Gold (team) and bronze (doubles) medals at 2005 American Zone Championships
  • Gold medal at 2004 World Tenpin Team Cup
  • Silver (team) medal at 2003 World Championships
  • Silver medal at FIQ 2003
  • 9th at 2003 World Tenpin Team Cup
  • Gold (team) and two silver (Masters, all-events) at 2000 World Youth Championships
  • Gold medal at 2000 World Tenpin Team Cup
  • 1st Place Tournament of Americas - Team
  • 2nd Place Tournament of Americas - Singles
  • 4th Place USA Bowling National Championships - 2004
  • 5th Place USA Bowling National Championships - 2003
  • 2nd Place USA Bowling National Championships - 2002
  • 3rd Place USA Bowling National Championships - 1999
  • PBA Regional Rookie of the year - 2010
  • 5 PBA Regional Titles
  • 10 Year member of Team USA: 1999-2000, 2002-2009


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