Utilizing a soft shell mock leather construction, super smooth Clear-Gum™ soft wheels, and a durable shell case for multiple balls, it’s no wonder the Rolling Thunder is a team favorite for bowlers. With pockets to store all your essentials items, this bag offers a rugged reliability without draining your wallet.

Sku: 47126


  • Soft Shell Mock Leather
  • Upgraded material for prestige and durability
  • Newly-designed base for increased stability and performance
  • Front Loading base for easy access to equipment
  • Heavy duty frame and hardware
  • Sturdy locking telescopic handle with grip release
  • (3) 5” 8-spoke black wheels for increased mobility and stability
  • Wheel bearings for smoother roll
  • Detachable 2-ball tote deluxe bag with adjustable non-slip shoulder strap
  • Reinforced zippers & stitching
  • Large Storm Bolt zipper pulls provide easy opening
  • Shoe compartment accepts up to U.S. men’s size 15
  • Multicolor embroidered logos
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Dimensions: W:23” x D:14” x H:29”"

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Orlan Calcetas
December 27, 2017
Disappointed on Xmas
This bag isn't as pretty as the picture, nor does it come with the “Metal badge for added prestige” as advertised on this website. I pointed this bag out to my wife to purchase for me for Xmas. The leather is very coarse which make the pockets lopsided and has indented lines on the front bottom pocket that are an eye sore. After speaking to my local pro shop owner, he stated that the same bags at the shop have similar lopsided pockets and scarring on the front bottom pocket, this is how these bags arrive from the manufacturer, and that I should take it up with them. I can live with the lopsided pockets and indented lines on the front bottom pocket but where was the “Metal badge for added prestige”? I then called Storm Customer service about the bag. I was then sadly told that the description for the bag on their website was a typo. I rate this bag with a 4 Star for the lopsided pockets, indents on the front bottom pocket, and missing “Metal badge for added prestige”. I love the bag nonetheless for its functionality but that’s not why I chose this bag specifically. I definitely paid more for the cosmetics and appearance of the bag which was not as pretty as the picture used on this site. It’s a great 4 ball bag and I’m still a loyal Storm brand enthusiast - but I don’t recommend this bag to others.
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