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Mix™ - Black/Purple

  • Release Date: July 2014

    The Ice™ line includes balls with both polyester and urethane coverstocks in a variety of styles that range from the unique Brain Storm™ to the Polar Ice™ and Ice Storm™. As the Ice name implies, these balls are designed primarily to help you ‘ice’ your spares on every attempt.

    The new Mix balls, now available in three different colors, expand the Ice line with a new look and feel. The Mix, like the Polar Ice, features a durable U1S™ first generation urethane coverstock which is more controllable than U2S™ which powers the popular Natural™ series.

    The Mix’s traditional 3-piece core enhances predictability while the urethane coverstock ensures durability that other materials just can’t offer. And they are available in lighter weights! In addition to the standard 10-16 pound options, Storm is pleased to offer both 6 and 8 pound options as well.

    Storm - We are “The Bowler’s Company™.”

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  • Lbs. RG Diff. Weight Block
    16 2.68 0.006 Click to View Larger
    15 2.69 0.006 Click to View Larger
    14 2.69 0.006 Click to View Larger
    13 2.71 0.005 Click to View Larger
    12 2.72 0.005 Click to View Larger
    U1S™ Hybrid Urethane
    Weight Block:
    Traditional 3-piece Core
    Factory Finish:
    3500-grit Polished
    Ball Color:
    73-75 Rex D-scale
    Flare Potential:
    1” - 2” (Low)
    6. 8. 10-16 lbs.
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