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Bowling News USA - July 23, 2014 IAB Asked, Bowlers Answered…Belmonte Is Fan Favorite For Doubles Partner



The results are in!

Based on a 183 person sample of you super-duper “likers” on our Facebook page, the person you would most like to bowl doubles with is our very own Awesome Aussie, Jason Belmonte! 

In our survey question, we asked, “If you could bowl doubles with any professional bowler, who would it be and why?”

When reading your comments, we wondered why you chose Jason. The most common response we saw simply was – #2HANDS

Hey, we get it. Jason is the top bowler in the world right now, so who wouldn’t want to bowl doubles with him?!

As you see in our lovelurful (lovely and colorful) pie chart, there’s a large section deemed “other.” We had TONS of additional responses, and other names that were mentioned include:

-         Parker Bohn III
-         Tommy Jones
-         Kelly Kulick
-         Walter Ray Williams, Jr.
-         Brian Voss
-         Carolyn Dorin-Ballard
-         Earl Anthony
-         Don Carter
-         Mike Fagan
-         Bill O’neill
-         Randy Pedersen
-         Osku Palermaa
-         Brad Angelo
-         Josh Blanchard
-         Ryan Ciminelli
-         Mike DeVaney
-         John Handegard
-         Tom Hess
-         Ron Hoppe
-         Dave Husted
-         Liz Johnson
-         Marshall Kent
-         Wes Malott
-         Amleto Monacelli
-         Shannon O’Keefe
-         Johnny Petraglia
-         Sean Rash
-         Ronnie Russell
-         Carmen Salvino
-         Mike Scroggins
-         Bryon Smith
-         Robert Smith
-         Jason Sterner
-         E.J. Tackett
-         Dick Weber
-         Geoffrey Young

(BOLD = Storm and Roto Grip Staff)

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