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Bowling News USA - July 21, 2014 Uzelac Classic Next Stop August 24 at Bonwood Lanes, Full Schedule

This is a "Certified" Tournament; USBC Cards will need to be shown. If you don't have a card you can purchase one.

Any bowler who bowls the Storm North West Tour will have an option for getting credit for the North West Points. It will cost an additional $3.00 to receive credit.

Will raffle a bowling ball and have added money for all tournaments this year. 25% will be held for the last tournament of the year. 100% returned to the Prize Fund.


Qualifying Squads begin at 10:30 am & 12:30 pm


Entry Fee $50.00

2nd entry is $45.00


One in four entries will make the cut and receive a prize fund check.

Winner Receives $500.00 (Based on 64 entries)

Bowl 3 games to qualify. 1 in 4 will advance to the finals per squad.

Thereafter, Top ½ of scores advance to next round each game.

*Highest Handicap Women series guaranteed a paycheck. $25.00 that do not make the finals or at least $50.00 for making the finals.

Optional Progressive – $10.00 – After every tournament, 75% of the progressive pot will carry over to the next tournament. You may enter the progressive pot for $10.00 and receive 25% of the percentage of the progressive pot. The Progressive Pot will be paid to the bowlers who will be in the finals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. If we have 3 bowlers in the final game of the playoff and they are paid into the progressive pot. Payout will be 1st = 50%, 2nd = 30%, and 3rd = 20%. If we only have 2 bowlers in the final game, then we will pay 2 places. Payout will be 1st = 65%, and 2nd = 35%.

If the top 2 or 3 places do not have any entries in the progressive pot, the money will carry over to the next tournament. If you bowl the 1st squad and enter the progressive pot and then reenter the 2nd squad you will need to pay another $10.00 to be entered into the progressive pot.

Scratch Optional – $10.00 will pay 1 in 4 for the highest 3 game scratch series. This payout will be from both squads. No finals for the scratch option. (100% returned).

Finals round should start at 1:45 pm.

Optional Side Pots: Scratch, Handicap Game and or Brackets



64 Bowlers Bowl Games 1, 2, and 3
16 Bowlers Bowl Game 4 Bottom 8 Bowlers Eliminated Bottom 4 Receive $50. Next 4 receive $60.
8 Bowlers Bowl Game 5 Bottom 4 Eliminated 7th and 8th Place Receive $70. 6th and 5th Place Receive $80.
4 Bowlers Bowl Game 6 Bottom 2 Eliminated 4th Place Receives $100. 3rd Place Receives $125.
2 Bowlers Bowl Game 7 (Final Match) 2nd Place Receives $250 + 35% Progressive Winner Receives $500 + 65% Progressive
In case of a tie there will be a 1 game roll off – All checks will be mailed to the winners.



Bowlers will use their Uzelac Classic tournament average based on a minimum of 21 games.

Handicap per game will be 75% of 220. Other entrants will use highest current USBC certified league average based on a minimum of 21 games for the 2012-2013 season. If current 21 game average as of the Date of the Tournament is 10 or more pins above 2012-2013 season's average, current average must be used. If no average last year, use highest current USBC certified average, 21 games or more as of date of tournament. If current average is used please bring a copy of your current league sheet with you. All others bowl scratch. Handicaps for bowlers with less then 125 average shall be based on 125. Rule 319 A-3.

It shall be the responsibility of the participant to verify the accuracy of his/hers average. Failure to use proper average shall disqualify score if submitted average is lower than actual average thereby resulting in more handicap.

Prize winnings shall be based on the submitted average if it is higher than actual average. Rule 319e is waived.

If the bowler has qualified for a prize of $600.00 or more in any event of a tournament, bowler must report all such prizes plus scores. The tournament director has the option of rerating any bowler who wins $600.00 or more. The tournament director has the option of rerating/assigning any bowler an average who has not bowled in the last 2 years. All rerates will be completed at the time of entry.

You can bowl both squads but only cash one time in the handicap event or the scratch option. All other USBC rules will apply. Open to Men and Women 18 Years of Age.



$28 of each entry goes into the prize fund (100% returned).

$2.00 of each entry will be held out for the last tournament of the season that will be held in April 12, 2015. For this tournament 1 in 3 will make the finals. To qualify for this tournament you need to bowl in one prior tournament. (100% RETURNED). Expense Money, $264.00 held out for last tournament on April 12, 2015. 25% of ticket sales held for last tournament $105.00. Total money held $369.00. 300 game pot. $519.00 Held from Expense monies.

A pre-paid entry is appreciated and guarantees a spot in the tournament. Please mail pre-paid entries one week prior to tournament. Send to Bountiful Bowl 409 S 500 W Bountiful UT. 84010. Phone # 292-2444. Or send to Leon Uzelac 2015 S 700 W Woods Cross UT. 84087-1742. Phone 435-630-8762.

On-Site Entry signup starts at 9:45 am. – Entries close at 12:30 (Last Squad of Tournament)


Uzelac 2014-2015 Tournament Schedule

August 24                        Bonwood Lanes
September 21                Delton Lanes
November 2                    Bountiful Bowl
December 7                    Bountiful Bowl
January 11                      Bountiful Bowl
February 8                       Bountiful Bowl
April 12                             Bountiful Bowl

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