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Bowling News USA - July 10, 2014 Storm To Celebrate 30th Year Anniversary at International Bowl Expo 2015

Thank you for attending Bowl Expo 2014 in Orlando, FL!

Mark your calendars for next year's event:
Convention June 22-26, 2015
Trade Show June 25-26


What is Bowl Expo?

International Bowl Expo (IBE) is the bowling industry's premier annual convention and trade show featuring exhibits of a wide array of products and services. IBE also presents dozens of interactive seminars and "how-to" workshops that aim to assist proprietors, leveraging the latest tools and technology to improve and strengthen their businesses. The sessions serve to educate and expose proprietors to the latest trends, marketing ideas, profit center opportunities and new information about the industry to help build their businesses and spread the excitement of bowling throughout their communities.

International Bowl Expo is the "Must Attend" Event of the Year for:

  • Traditional Bowling Centers
  • Hybrid Bowling Centers
  • Family Entertainment Centers (FECs)
  • Boutique Bowling Establishments
  • Bowling Pro Shops
  • Bowling Coaches
  • Candlepin Centers
  • Duckpin Centers

Storm Products celebrates their 30th Anniversary next year in Vegas!  Will be an unforgettable celebration!


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