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Bowling News USA - July 9, 2014 European Women's Championship 2014, Women's Team England Retains Gold Medal



Block 2, Squad 1 Danni Hopcroft joined the combined bowlers group, again to complete the required games for Masters Qualification whilst the remaining team waited for squad 2.  Hopcroft added a valuable 624 pins to her total with games of 236, 208 and 180.  Squad two was topped by the Catalonians with 2702, just above Wales in second with 2695.

Block 2, Squad 2 Games of 999, 1106 and 1134 lifted England into second place in the squad with 3239, just 75 pins below squad leaders Sweden on 3314.  Germany took squad third with 3136.

Overall and Finals England's closing team total of 1134 over Sweden's1059 and Germany's 1003 secured second-place overall in the combined squads, leaving the team 132 above Germany and just 38 behind Sweden.  In the semi-finals, England defeated Germany 958-941 (+17) and Sweden defeated Denmark 1039-967 (+72) to meet England in the finals.  In the finals there appeared little between the teams, as eventually Sweden gained close to 25 pins on England headed to the last few frames, before three open-frames from Sweden made for a very small crack in the scoring that England managed to prise-open, bolstered by Autum Chamberlain's seven-in-a-row run of strikes and 267 game to tame Swedish anchor Jenny Wegner's 244.  Nerves and tension ran high, as England finally defetaed the Swede's1049-1025 (+24) to retain the European Women Team Championships gold, the medal that each member of the team had the hearts set upon.

Block 1, Squad 1 Games of 1098, 982 and 1035 saw England complete their first three-game block in the 5-woman team event at the head of the table, with 3115 (207.7).  Hayley Rumkee bowled in the combined players group as sixth team member and herself added 634 pins to her All Events total, finising her squad third.  England are 29 pins ahead of second-placed Germany on 3086 (205.7). 

Block 1, Squad 2 saw Sweden (Andersson, Wegner, Planefors, Andersson, Hultin) take their squad lead with games of 1065, 1038 and 975 for 3078 (205.2). 

Overall Combining the first two squads, England remain the block/squads leaders ahead of Germany in second and Sweden in third.  Greece are fourth with 2949 (196.6). 


Squad 1 Danni Hopcroft and Hayley White started for England, and went straight into third place after game one with 420.  Games of 399, 416 and 423 for a total 2409 (200.8) kept them in the  top teams and eventually they would complete the squad in third place.  The squad was won by Marjo Pöntinen and Hannele Impola (FIN) with 2506 (208.8).
Squad 2 Jo Allsebrook and Autum Chamberlain started squad 2in the upper half of the table, before pushing-down on the pedal to add games of 413, 448 and 461 for a total 2493 (207.8) and second place in the squad, behind Rikke Holm Agerbo and Britt Brøndsted (DEN) on 2538 (211.5).
Squad 3 Lisa John and Hayley Rumkee bowled games of 441, 409, 436 and an impressive 478 (including a 279 from John) as they too finished in the top-three for their squad, with 2458 (204.8).  Squad three was won by Nadine Geißler and Birgit Pöppler (GER) with 2569 (214.1).
Combined Squads two and three produced the top-three finalists, with squad one leaders Finland just holding onto fourth overall.  Unfortunately this put Allsebrook/Chamberlain into fifth by just 13 pins.  Rumkee/John finished seventh and Hopcroft/White ninth.
Finals Germany's Pöppler and Geißler defeated Finland'sPöntinen and Impola 423-415, and Denmark's Jensen and Kjeldsen defeated Agerbo and Brøndsted in an all Denmark semi 467-354.  In the finals, Jensen and Kjeldsen would defeat Pöppler and Geißler 430-416.
2014ewc_2Squad 1 Danni Hopcroft and Hayley White began England's Women's Championships in the opening squad of the singles.  White started strong with 228, 223 and finished in 14th place for the squad with 1167 (194.5) and Hopcroft recorded 4 games of 200+ on her way to 6th place with 1207 (201.2).  The squad was led by Sacha Wedel (DEN) with a mighty 1411 (235.2)
Squad 2 Haylee Rumkee and Jo Allsebrook put together a pair of great closing games to end squad 2 in first and second places respectively.  Rumkee was only ever a handful of pins away from a complete set of 200-games, and a 235, 222 and 227 was enough to take the squad lead with 1292 (213.3).  Allsebrook recovered from a weak game three to jump from 10th to second in the squad closing with 248, on top of games including 212, 234 and 227 and a total 1284 (214).
Squad 3 Lisa John fired a pair of 234 games in a set that included 223 and 234 games to take second place in squad three, with 1318 (219.7), just 58 pins behind squad winner Mai Ginge Jensen (DEN).  Chamberlain bowled games of 214 and 216 to finish the squad in 21st with 1146 (191.0).
Combined Sascha Wedel (DEN) led the singles from squad one, and remained the leader when the squads were combined.  Lisa John took third place behind Mai Ginge Jensen (DEN) and above Daria Kovalova (UKR).  Unfortunately, Hayley Rumkee was to finish in fifth by just 19 pins, and Jo allsebrook dropped to seventh by a single pin to Kamilla Kjeldsen (DEN) who took sixth.  Danni Hopcroft finished in 26th, Hayley White 44th and Autum Chamberlain 56th.
Finals Lisa John was defeated by Ginge Jensen 208-227, and Sascha Wedel was defeated by Daria Kovalova 188-179.  Kovalova found top form in the finals to defeat Jensen 233-191.



Following the team and combined player groups, England boasted two bowlers in the top-8 with Jo Allsebrook 4th and Lisa John 5th, and a further three in the top-24 with Hayley Rumkey 15th, Autum Chamberlain 18th and Hayley White 21st.  Danni Hopcroft was just 18 pins short of the top-24 in 27th place.

The pairings for the Masters was unfortunate for England as Hayley Rumkee met Autum Chamberlain in the first match, which saw Chamberlain defeat her team mate 2-1, as Hayley White was also defeated 2-1 by Wedelof Denmark 2-1 with a final game of just10 pins difference.

The pairings for step 2 also saw Chamberlain drawn against team mate Jo Allsebrook, who would win the match defeating Chamberlain 2-1.  Lisa John defeated Daria Pajak of Polamd 2-1.  The draw for step three put John against Allsebrook, from which John would defeat Allsebrook 2-0 to meet Mai Ginge Jensen (DEN) in the Semi-Finals.

As if there had not been enough drama already, with England facing each other three times in the Masters steps, Lisa John was topped in game one of her semi-finals as Jensen shot a powerful 246-game aginst her 171.  Meanwhile Diana Zavjalova (LAT) narrowly beat Kamilla Kjelsen (DEN) 217-211 in their opener.  With tensions running high, Jensen and John matched each other through game two, with John finding the eight pins required to take game two and square the semi-final one game a piece.  Kjeldsen beat Zavjalova 217-204 to square their match also, before Zavjalova won her third game 226-155 to proceed to the finals.  There was, literally, nothing between John and Jensen in their deciding game - which ended in a tie on 224-224.  High drama as the ladies prepared for a single-frame roll-off to decide the winner, which John won 9-7.

The finals saw Lisa John and Diana Zavjalova together.  Another very close start as Zavjalova defeated John in game one 193-192, but John found more pins in game two to win 204-178.  Game three saw Zavjalova defeat John 269-210 to become the Master Champion for 2014.

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Story by Stuart Watson • British Tenpin Bowling Association - B.T.B.A.

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