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Bowling News USA - July 2, 2014 And…Cut, That’s A Wrap From Orlando

 Storm Live successful at bringing Bowl Expo to home viewership

2013 was a first for Storm Products when they rolled-out their newest interactive media piece, live-streaming from Bowl Expo, which was designed as a live-broadcast featuring the company’s latest news and technologies from right inside the Storm Booth. 

This year, Storm raised the bar higher during its’ second annual live-broadcast unleashing “Storm Live™”.  This year’s show format included a new face with the addition of USBC and PBA Hall of Famer Nelson Burton, Jr. joining ESPN and CBS bowling color-analyst and PBA Hall of Famer, Randy Pedersen and “Live” anchor, and Director of Public Relations, Mike Flanagan.

“The 2014 "STORMCAST” was the best all-around bowling industry media event that I have ever seen,” Nelson Burton, Jr. said.  “From the on air "talent" to the production crew - strictly First Class.  It is the "buzz" of bowlers around the country,” Burton added.

For Mike Flanagan, Storm Live flew above and beyond his expectations “Storm Live was everything I could have imagined and more.  Educating customers with the content they want, with the biggest names in bowling, made for a terrific two days at Bowl Expo.  Working alongside Bo Burton and my Storm teammates was a real treat.”

Every year, Storm Products utilizes the International Bowl Expo to showcase their newest product lines. This year’s tradeshow included the unveiling of Roto Grip’s five newest bowling balls (Sinister™, Hysteria™, Outcry™, Scream™ and Shout™) released into the HP Lines along with celebrating the official releases of the new Storm Optimus™ and Hy-Road Solid™.  Roto Grip’s new line will be available August 26.  In addition, Storm Live Co-Host and PBA Hall of Famer Randy Pedersen hosted four product showcase segments of Roto Grip Balls Unveiled, Sweet Smell of Success, Storm Ball Launch – Innovation and Accessorize Your GameThis year’s “Storm Live” also included an interactive “Live Chat” allowing Q&A’s from viewers about products or for featured guests.

“Being able to unveil the new Roto Grip HP Line August launch on Storm LIVE with staffers Stu Williams and Wes Malott was phenomenal. Keeping this launch under wraps until that day definitely generated positive buzz and hype. Here we are a full week after the show we are still getting new inquires and questions, so we definitely made a great impact for this upcoming release which has not always been the case with launches in the past, around this same time frame,” Roto Grip brand manager Chris Schlemer said.

The new live-streaming venture held several unknowns but when the dust settled statistics came in at a very pleasing rate with 8,768 total views, with 5,251 of those views as unique.  Storm Live broadcasted for twelve hours over the two days encompassing 3,014 viewer hours in which viewers tuning in were consuming show content.

Although Storm Live was hosted at the 19th Annual International Bowl Expo in Orlando, Florida the broadcast reached 106 countries outside of the United States including the United Kingdom and Sweden.  Storm Live was streamed using a third-party platform with redirection through the web address, with traffic to stream presentation page numbers of 8,345 pageviews and 3,506 unique visitors.  Impact on total traffic to site was the highest week for since March enjoying an increase of 39% in traffic over previous three-week average.

In addition to the website traffic, Storm Live had an immediate measurable impact in the social media community as well with 72% of traffic originating from Facebook or 3,678 users and 10,813 pageviews and 22% of traffic originating from Twitter with 1,108 users and 3,054 pageviews.

Twitter platform interactions and growth for Storm during live-streaming content included 62 new followers, 141 mentions, 2,600 links clicked, 232 retweets and an incredible 62% engagement.  Roto Grip witnessed comfortable growth as well, with 49 new followers, 90 mentions, 44 links clicked, 233 retweets and a solid 65% engagement. 

Bottom line is that Storm Live met and exceeded everyone's expectations putting greater emphasis on bringing Bowl Expo into the homes of viewers unable to attend...mission accomplished!

Storm Products Inc. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of high performance bowling equipment, featuring the Storm and Roto Grip brands. For everything Storm Products, visit


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