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Bowling News USA - June 30, 2014 Bill Chrisman and Dave Symes Recognized By All-Navy Bowling Program

During Storm's customer appreciation party held last week at the 19th Annual International Bowl Expo, CEO Bill Chrisman and President Dave Symes were presented with plaques in recognition of their dedication and support of CNIC MWR Navy Sports and particulary the All-Navy Bowling Program.

The plaques presented by Ron Hodgen, Director of Bowling Operations US Navy  and Bill Swell, Director of Bowling Operations US Army were enscribed with these words of gratitude...

"CNIC MWR Navy Sports gratefully acknowledges your outstanding 
contributions to the All-Navy Bowling Program...
Your oustanding dedication and unselfish support to the All-Navy Bowling Program has raised
morale to Sailors across the globe and assisted our goal to ensure mission readiness 
throughout the Navy.  We greatly appreciate your unselfish service to our organization
and United States Sailors.  The professionalism of you and your Team has earned a heartfelt
and well-deserved Bravo-Zulu.  On behalf of Navy Sports, CNIC MWR and United States Navy
Thank you!"


The Navy MWR Bowling Program offers open and league bowling, special youth program, instructional classes, pro shops, game rooms, and food and beverage areas. Many centers offer "cosmic bowling," with glow-in-the-dark balls, pins and other equipment. Birthday and command parties are also available.

About CNIC

Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) is responsible for worldwide shore installation support for the United States Navy under the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO).  CNIC's mission is to support the three F's:  Fleet, Fighter, and Family.   

  • Fleet encompasses the operating forces of the Navy. CNIC ensures all installation requirements necessary to train and operate the Fleets (Ports, Airfields, Training Ranges, etc.) are maintained and ready.
  • Fighter encompasses the men and women in the operating forces. CNIC ensures naval installations are able to facilitate the manning, training and equipping of the Navy's fighting force.
  • Family encompasses the men and women of the armed forces and their families. To ensure the fighting force is supported on all fronts, CNIC's Family and Community Services, Housing and Safety efforts provide the quality of life, support and services that allow the fighting force to focus on mission accomplishment.

Established on October 1, 2003, Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) is the Echelon II command under the Chief of Naval Operations responsible for Navy-wide shore installation management.  The stand up of CNIC was an effort in the continuation of fleet and regional shore installation management organizational alignment that began in 1997 with the reduction of installation management claimants from 18 to 8. The intent of CNIC is to establish a single shore installation management organization that will focus on installation effectiveness and improve the shore installation management community's ability to support the fleet.

Commander, Navy Installations Command has overall shore installation management responsibility and authority as the Budget Submitting Office for installation support and the Navy point of contact for installation policy and program execution oversight.
For more information about the CNIC MWR AND All-Navy Bowling visit  WWW.CNIC.NAVY.MIL AND NAVYMWR.ORG/BOWLING
Storm Products, Inc. continues to be the largest promoter of competitive bowling. One of our main goals is to grow the sport, which is why we continue to support organizations like the All-Navy Bowling Program as well as, many others. Staying true to our grassroots has been one of the keys to Storm’s success.
Storm Products Inc. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of high performance bowling equipment, featuring the Storm and Roto Grip brands. 

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