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Bowling News USA - May 3, 2014 XGames Bowling Challenge Jason Belmonte v George Frilingos

Orange, Austrailia - Friday, May 2 saw the unveiling of a new format of tenpin bowling at the Orange Tenpin Bowl.  Orange's own champion Jason Belmonte took on Queensland's George Frilingos under the head-to-head rules of XGames Bowling Challenge.

It was mate versus mate, NSW versus Queensland, and righties versus lefties on Friday night.  Orange's Jason Belmonte, who is arguably the world's best tenpin bowler, took on good friend and top ranked Australian bowler George Frilingos in an XGames Bowling Challenge. Belmonte boasting back-to-back USBC Masters Titles and Frilingos recent Joondalup Cup Title back in February.

Belmonte took a 2-0 lead in the sets before Frilingos clawed his way back to win. It meant, once again, Queensland came out on top.

While Frilingos prevailed three sets to two, both came away from the contest with positive words for the format. “It’s such a difficult format that every shot counts,” Frilingos said.  “Jason had me two sets up, and just shot after shot, you’ve got to keep in there, and it’s really difficult. It was really fun.”

Belmonte said the format added an extra challenge.  “When you bowl over a 10-frame game the intensity tends to build from the first frame to the last frame,” Belmonte said.  “In this particular format, the first ball out of the gate you’re up for points and every shot counts and you’re kind of in that intensity straight away. 

“It’s incredibly draining over a five-set period. At the end of it I felt like I’d bowled probably the equivalent of a full weekend,” Belmonte added.

XGames Bowling uses a different scoring system, which is similar to tennis. This turns the match into a frame-by-frame contest, rather than over a standard 10 frame game.

XGames Bowling’s mission is to change Bowling, to introduce the same psychological competitive aspects evident in most sports, which currently do not exist in Bowling.


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