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Bowling News USA - August 21, 2013 2013 New Mexico Open Results



The 10th New Mexico Open held last week at Tenpins & More was a record-breaker in many ways, including awarding the winner, Nathan Bohr his biggest first place check ever of $ 10,120.
Bohr of Wichita, Kansas said as much after he beat top seed, Geoffrey Young of Denton, Texas 188-183 in a tense final that produced only eight strikes, ten spares and three open frames (splits).
In fact, Bohr's 2-10 split conversion in the third frame put added pressure on Young, who had moved up from ninth place earlier in the day to win poll position with a 256 closer to jump front-runners Bohr and Robert Gotchall of Nebraska in the position round.
Young struggled on the right lane after that, leaving a 2-8-10 and a brooklyn strike before finding a way in with strikes in the eighth and tenth frames. But it was too late as Bohr spared a single pin and got a 6-count to win by five.
The two newest members of next year's Team USA showed experience and versatility throughout the 29-game event played on testing lane conditions, prepared by former touring pro, Mike Miller. They were tabbed co-favorites for the title prior to the tournament.
In earlier championship round action, left-hander, Theo Douthit of Arizona, eliminated Kyle King of Arizona 258-225 and Gotchall 280-216 before falling to Bohr 235-212 in the semi-final, leaving a wash-out in the tenth frame when a turkey would have put him in the final against Young.
The New Mexico Open was acclaimed the most successful yet, with 213 entries from 16 states and one from Brisbane, Australia - up 40 on last year. The main event prize-fund was $ 50,220, up $ 8,570 over 2012.
In all, including the three pre-tournament sweepers, consolation, pro-am and brackets, the pay-out was $ 65,793.
Final results: (Winnings include high game awards, high youth, high woman prizes)
1. Nathan BohrKansas423 (two games) $10,120
2. Geoffrey YoungTexas183 (one game) $5,150
3. Theo DouthitArizona750 (three games) $2,620
4. Robert GotchallNebraska216 (one game) $1,700
5. Kyle KingArizona225 (one game) $1,510
6. Kristopher Prather Kansas $1,360
7. Ed Smaglik Arizona $1,270
8. Keith Ubert Kansas $1,180
9. Michael Tang California (high youth) $1,210
10. Craig Spencer Arizona $910
11. Steve Novak Michigan $915
12. Sara Vargas New Mexico $1,170
* It took 1,757 over nine games to cash in 71st place; 1,800/9 to make the cut to top 48 and 2,723/13 to get to the top 12 for match-play.
* Dates for the 11th annual event will be August 15-17, 2014.

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