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Bowling News USA - June 14, 2013 Finals Set For USBC Senior Masters...Boresch, Painter, Weber 1-2-3

This just in...

Storm Regional Sales Manager Jim Callahan reports that Storm/Roto Grip equipment is in the hands of the top three finalists at the 2013 USBC Senior Masters being held at SouthPoint Bowling Center in Las Vegas.

Lennie Boresch Jr., of Kenosha, Wisconsin is the tournament leader, going undefeated in the Winner's Bracket. Boresch is using two different IQ™ Tour's.

Boresch downed Kerry Painter of Las Vegas in the Winner's Bracket final 630 - 615.

Painter qualified second and is using an IQ Tour.

PBA Hall of Famer Pete Weber, St. Ann, Missouri, who downed Walter Ray Williams Jr., (697 - 696) in an epic Loser's Bracket battle, is third. He is using a Roto Grip Disturbed™ and Defiant Soul™.

"Pete has the best ball reaction of any of the finalists," said Callahan.

Wayne Webb of Ohio is fourth and Nebraska's Dave Axon is fifth. Axon has used a Disturbed most of the matches.

The finals of the 2013 USBC Masters get underway later this afternoon. Stay posted for the wrap-up from Las Vegas.


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