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Bowling News USA - March 27, 2013 Wisconsin Bowler Perfect at Open Championships with IQ™ Tour...Coach Jasnau Strikes Again...

On Sunday in USBC Open Championships team competition, Verne Heidenreiter of Sheboygan Falls rolled a perfect game in a 794 series that is the highest so far of the tournament.

Heidenreiter, who also rolled a 300 in the Open Championships at the Stadium in 2003, finished his first game with four strikes for 215, shot 300, then started game three with another nine strikes before a 4-in ended his string at 25. He converted the spare and struck for a 279, leading his M3 Advisors Budweiser team to 3,038, USBC reported in this news release.

Heidenreiter used a Storm IQ TOUR.

“I wasn’t quite as nervous as the first time” shooting 300 in the tournament, Heidenreiter said in the release. “The guys I bowled with helped to keep me calm. We had a game plan for today, and for the most part, it worked. The pattern opened up a little more from all of us playing the same area, and I just started carrying.”

Heidenreiter added series of 593 in doubles and 607 in singles for a 1,994 all-events total.

Kelly Bonta credits famed coach Mike Jasnau as the key to the 776 series he fired on Sunday to take the United States Bowling Congress Open Championships singles lead.

The Kansas right-hander said he worked with Jasnau — the coach at Lane 81 at the National Bowling Stadium — before the 2011 Open Championships, which was his career best as he left Reno leading both team and all-events (2,177).

When he worked with Jasnau this year they compared the videos from 2011 and 2013 “and made a couple of small change to my game that helped me get into better positions.”

“And we talk about lane play, the type of equipment what he felt was working well and about the moves on the lanes,” Bonta added. “After the 2 hour CATS session we had together I walked away felling like I did 2 years earlier: confident and ready to bowl.

“After not bowling real well in Team or the first two games of Doubles, I started thinking more about what Mike had told me about the moves on the lanes and that you may have to make a zone move and equipment change. 

With the ball switch and big move deeper on the lane, Bonta went from 602 in both team and doubles to 776 (300-248-228) in singles.

“Mike was able to see me throw the last portion of my 300 game and almost all of my singles set,” Bonta said. “Just being able to talk with him while bowling singles was a big relief that helped me stay calm and cool. He may not know it but it helped just having him there to chat with about the game as I bowled.

“If bowlers are going to Reno and are not getting coaching from Mike Jasnau they are missing out on making their game better.”


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