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Bowling News USA - March 11, 2013 Pete Weber Wins 84th PBA Title in Council Bluffs...

Storm's Pete Weber and Nathan Bohr defeated Sean Rangel and Bryan Goebel to win the PBA Thunderbowl Over/Under Doubles Midwest Open in Council Bluffs, Iowa over the weekend.

A late strike string by Weber was the key in a low-scoring title match on a pair that had gotten tricky wet/dry after a long day of bowling Sunday.

First place was $5,000 and second $3,000.

It was Weber's 48th PBA Regional win to go along with 36 National titles.

Rangel and Goebel downed Rob Gotchall and Baer in the semifinal match after Gotchall and Baer defeated David Williams Jr. and Lennie Boresch Jr. in the first stepladder match.

Williams and Boresch edged Rick Miller and myself for the fourth spot in the final frame of the final game of match play.

The tournament was fun to bowl with the 27 “kids” and 33 raisins qualifying separately and then paired up by their qualifying scores.

The pattern was Viper and it definitely put multiple angles in play, with several players playing straight up the outside and others hooking it from deep and some playing in between. Bohr was one of those playing the edge and Weber was among those hooking it from deep.

I (Riggs) crossed with Pete and he started with a pair of spare misses and had just 78 in the 5th the first game before striking out to a fill ball 9 count, then firing a perfect game and 259 en route to leading the senior qualifying. It was a typically awesome display.

Weber threw a Storm REIGN OF POWER most of Saturday, while after playing straight the first game around 10-board, I moved in near Pete the second game and ultimately qualified second among the seniors, 152 pins behind Weber. I mostly used a REIGN SUPREME and finished with a T-ROAD PEARL.

On Sunday, I (Riggs) started with a VICTORY ROAD SOLID and switched late to the REIGN SUPREME. The killer for myself and Miller was his brutal carry in all but a couple of games.

Playing deep provided almost unlimited swing if you had your breakpoint beyond the end of the 37-foot Viper pattern and you released it good.

The kids’ cut was 1,740 and the senior cut was 1,757.

(courtesy:  Jeff Richgels -

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