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Bowling News USA - January 30, 2013 Storm Lucid™ - 2012 'No Holes Barred' Bowling Ball of the Year...

The 2012 voting for "Bowling Balls of the Year" was the closest since 'No Holes Barred' columnist Joe Cerar Jr. began conducting the balloting in 2007.

It was open to pro shop operators only, and included hundreds of shops from across the United States, as well as such far-off locales as the Philippines, Austrailia, Russia, and other international ports of call.

"We use pro shop operators rather than consumers and our valued readers, because operators come in direct contact with consumers, so we hear both the good and bad about products," explains Cerar, who operates a pro shop in Milwaukee, WI.

"Plus, we drill a wide variety of product over the years, thus gaining a much broader spectrum of knowledge. We also tend to experiment more with layouts and surface variations, which help us ascertain the full motion range of particular products."

It also restricts the possibility of "ballot box stuffing."

After all the the ballots were tallied, the top vote-getter for 2012 was Storm's Lucid™, an aggressive asymmetric pearl that's ideal for medium-heavy oil patterns.

Third place was claimed by Roto Grip's Defiant™ Edge, an aggressive asymmetric pearl for medium-heavy oil. The Defiant Edge also placed second in the Pearl Reactive class.

The Storm Vivid™ placed second in the Solid Reactive class, and the Crossroad™ was first in the Hybrid category.

(courtesy: BJI)


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