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Bowling News USA - January 16, 2013 Friends of Tony Reyes...


Family of PBA pros,

Please read for the love of Tony Reyes:

Vise and Storm are doing multiple things to raise money for the Reyes family.  This is your part of the equation, we need your help!!!!!

You are all greatly respected and have a lot of clout especially in your home areas.  We need you to go to your local centers, walk on the lanes and sell raffle tickets.  Nike, said it best, “Just Do It”, step up and “Just Do It”.

If the tables were turned, Tony would be the first one to help! Contact us if you are willing to help and we will get you everything you need to get started. Please contact us NOW!!

If we get the help from Tony’s fellow pros we anticipate two of you will be going on the Vise Golf Trip. (Pebble Beach March 29 through April 5th).  You need not be a Vise staff member to qualify for this trip.  Express your interest to help by contacting Vise at

If you have any questions please call Cecil at 800-323-0039, or on his cell at 813-545-6745.

Hopefully the PBA will be sending out a blast to its membership to help with this cause.  Please jump in now and get a head start.  


Jim Nesbitt, CEO

Exactacator, Inc.


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January, 2013