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Bowling News USA - October 22, 2012 PDW is The New Face of Storm Footwear...


Storm Bowling Shoes is pleased to announce that world-renowned bowler Pete Weber is the company’s first pro representative, and will be appearing in advertising and promotions for the new footwear company which was launched in Spring 2012.

One of the world’s most highly recognized and accomplished bowlers, Weber ranked fourth in the 2011-12 PBA season, and is ranked third in PBA history. Winner of 36 career titles, he has achieved the honor of the PBA Triple Crown and received numerous awards and accolades.

The son of the late legendary Hall of Famer Dick Weber, he made international news upon his 2012 US Open victory, which marked his record-breaking fifth US Open win, topping the tied four-time title record previously held by both his father and the late Don Carter.

While Weber officially became the new face of Storm footwear on August 1st, the bowling world got its first glimpse of the news in a full-page ad in the October issue of Bowlers Journal, touting Weber as the first pro to be in all Storm gear.  Weber has been on the pro staff for Storm bowling balls and equipment since 1997.

“Pete is one of the world’s most celebrated bowlers, and his energy and enthusiasm is unmatched. We can think of no better personality to represent the exciting new Storm footwear line,” says Bud Clapsaddle, Vice President of Dexter Bowling, who designs, manufactures and licenses the new line of Storm bowling shoes.

“The bold color combinations and fresh designs of the performance and athletic styles in the collection are right in step with Pete’s charismatic attitude and flair,” explains Brett Cooper, a PBA pro and the National Sales Manager of the Dexter and Storm footwear lines. “His association with Storm equipment and now with Storm Bowling Shoes is an excellent combination and powerful statement for the Storm brand.” 

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