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Bowling News USA - September 29, 2012 At Storm Summer Lesson Program, It's All About the Coaching...


(Bowler Eric Pierson with Storm's Jeff Carter at Storm Summer Lesson Program)


"If you want to get better, this is how you do it," commented Dave Eskew, a participant at the 8th Annual Storm Summer Lesson Program in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin.

About 30 players were on hand at the Odyssey Fun Center, joining instructors Jeff Carter, Chris Sand and Steve Richter for some intensive one on one coaching.

Carter, a former PBA Champion and Storm University coach, enjoys teaching amateurs how to get better.

"I really like the one on one interaction," said Carter. "Teaching bowling has always been one of my passions and being here helping bowlers get better is something I love doing." 

Storm Summer Lesson Program organizer Steve Richter says that bowlers want education. 

"The sport of bowling is no longer stand on the middle dot and throw at the second triangle," said Richter. "Bowling has become more complex with the lane patterns and equipment."

In addition to the professional coaching, bowlers received video feedback with See Your Game™ software, which they could reference anytime after the lesson.

Participants also were able to test out the latest Storm and Roto Grip equipment, via the Storm Matchmaker™ program.

"Being able to try out the new equipment is very important to me," said Jim Trautman of Sheboygan. 'When you buy a car you always test drive it, and being able to test the balls is really a good idea."

For more information on future events, contact: Steve Richter - Odyssey Fun Center/Elite Pro Shop,(


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