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Bowling News USA - September 25, 2012 Asian American Bowling Association Labor Day Tournament Results

The Asian American Bowling Association was formed with the purpose of hosting no-nonsense and efficiently-run bowling tournaments for our bowling friends. We particularly cater to the Chinese and Japanese bowling community of Northern California. The idea for this started with a conversation so many years ago with, at first, Barry Huey, and then with Tosh Hamamoto. Both of these fine gentlemen, since deceased, were very influential in Chinese and Japanese league/tournament bowling. At that time, the current leadership of the group was associated with the Oakland Chinese Bowling Club and was experienced in the running of large tournaments around the Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays. The discussions revolved around a group that would run tournaments without interference from any of the existing governing bodies of Chinese and Japanese bowling. It was also decided that the group would monitor the entry of bowlers into the tournaments and that average manipulation masters would not be tolerated. The tournaments would fill the gaps in the annual calendar between the existing Chinese and Nisei bowling tournaments as another competition for the bowlers to enjoy, essentially creating an amateur Asian-American bowling tour.

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Click below for Labor Day Tournament results

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September, 2012