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Bowling News USA - July 4, 2012 Dan Bock, Cassandra Leuthold Earn Sweeper, VIP Wins at July High Roller

(Cassandra Leuthold)


(Dan Bock)

Storm staffer Dan Bock and  2012 World Tenpin Bowling Association Champion Cassandra Leuthold have the hot hands in Las Vegas as the 2012 July High Roller heads into Wednesday's action. Bock fired a 729 set in the Tuesday night Sweeper and took home the $4000 first place prize.

Leuthold, a former Nebraska standout, used a Storm Vivid™ to shoot 492 for two games, winning the $1000 prize in the Tuesday VIP event.


Click here for here for complete results:

Dan Bock comments on the Vivid below:




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