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Bowling News USA - May 23, 2012 Illinois State Bowling Proprietors Association Youths Crowned..

More than 130 youth bowlers in six divisions - Bantam, Prep, Junior, Major, Scratch Boys and Scratch Girls - competed for $9,000 in scholarships at the 2012 ISBPA Youth State Singles Championship at Washington's Plaza Lanes. The tournament was sponsored by Storm Bowling Products Inc.

The finalists advanced from one of five ISBPA regional roll-offs held in March. Top scorers in each division were:

Bantam - Jonathan Brewer, St. Clair Bowl -  695 series

Prep - Tyler Hunter, St. Clair Bowl - 629

Junior - Alan Nordman Jr., Town & Country Lanes - 850

Major - Shelby Jensen, Lisle Lanes - 809

Scratch Boys - Ben Bauer, Camelot Bowl - 750

Scratch Girls - Giselle Poss, Parkside Lanes - 728


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