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Bowling News USA - May 22, 2012 Shawn Beam Fires First 300 In American Wheelchair Bowling Association History!

Perfection is something we all try to achieve in all we do. In the sport of bowling, wheelchair or not, perfection is defined as a score of 300.  That is 12 consecutive strikes, the last one or two with many people watching and hoping to see a perfect game.

 On Friday night, May 18, at Cityview Lanes in Ft. Worth, TX. one of the AWBA’s newest members, Shawn Beam, did what many have tried to accomplish but few have been able to.  He rolled the first perfect game by an individual in a wheelchair in a sanctioned event.  Beam, who has been bowling in a wheelchair for 15 years, released his last shot and like he had dreamed of for many years, all 10 pins fell for the perfect 300!

Watch the video.

 “With all the great bowlers I have seen in the AWBA, I would have thought someone would have done it before,” commented Beam.  “I am honored and humbled to be the first to achieve it.”  Beam’s weapon of choice in his pursuit for perfection was the Storm Tropical Heat Solid.

 Joe Fox, Sr., Chairperson of the AWBA, extended his congratulations to Beam and thanked him for his commitment to perfection and the sport of wheelchair bowling.

 Beam will be competing in the AWBA Nationals in Milwaukee in June.  “I look forward to seeing all my new friends with the AWBA at Nationals next month” he said. 

 Congratulations Shawn Beam from all the members of the AWBA and from Storm! 

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