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Bowling News USA - May 15, 2012 9th Euro-Med Storm International Masters Challenge Underway

Seismic-TBAM-Prima bowler Kenneth Chua rolled the first perfect game of the 9th Euro-Med Storm International Masters Challenge en route to leading the second day of qualifying at the Pearl Bowling Center in HP Pearl Sports Center. Kenneth just sizzled as he rolled a 258, 234, and 300 on lanes 21-22 for the first block then bowled 278, 222, and 267 on lanes 11-12 for his second block. His 1559 series leads the Euro-Med Storm division and automatically qualifies him to the quarter finals on Friday,

Euro-Med Laboratories and Storm Bowling Products are the proud sponsors of this challenge that has drawn the world's top bowler. Singaporean National team member, Ng Tiac Pin, rolled the second perfect game on his second block on lanes 13-14. The lefty rolled a total of 1469 while Korean pro bowler Park Kyung Shin rolled a 1460 series to finish second and third respectively. They will both automatically qualify for the quarter finals on Friday also. 48 bowlers will gun for the championship trophy and the one million pesos that comes with it. 
Singapore national team member, Geraldine Ng, tops all the other Euro-Med Storm qualifiers with a 1445 series six pins better than Indonesia National member, Ryan Lalisang.

Philippine National bowler, Benshir Layoso, moved up the ladder to third with a 1424 series. Former World Cup Champion, Jasmine Yeong-Nathan, from Singapore showed her winning form with a 1419 series to finish five pins better than Guam National team member, Jay Leon Guerrero. PBAP-Bowlmart-Brunswick member, Gene Basa finished with a 1404 series in sixth place ahead of three more Philippine National Squad members, Liza del Rosario (1382), Lara Posadas (1378), and Biboy Rivera (1367). Rounding out the top ten qualifiers is formerly ranked no 1 in Asia, Hussain Al-Suwaidi, member of the UAE National Team. 

Roto Grip Staff, Yap Seok Kim , continues to lead the Bevida-Storm Challenge with her 1469 series. Roel Obaob's 1453 of ITBA-Imus and PBA's DR. Ceasar Muere's 1423 are still in second and third place respectively. Vietnam's Pham Quoc Bao Ky moved to tie for third place by also rolling a 1423 series. PBAP-Bowlmart bowlers J Em Ang (1416) and Trixie De Luna (1398) are in fifth and sixth position respectively. Singapore national main stay Geraldine Ng finished with a 1397 five pins ahead of TBAM-Prima's Enzo Hernandez. MTBA's L A Lara (1388) and PBA's Nicco Olaivar (1385) rounds up the top ten qualifiers for the Bevida-Storm Challenge. 48 bowlers will compete for the 100,000 pesos champions purse on Friday. 

The Malaysian National Squad, George Frilingos, Tannya Rouminper, Parker Bohn III, Sean Rash, Ryan Cinimelli, Mika Koivuniemi, and other Korean Pro Bowlers are expected to hit the lanes tomorrow. Bevida Distilled Drnking Water, Ark International, Wave Products, Coca Cola Products, Manila Prime Holdings, ASI, AZO, EGI, Quantum Science, and Premiere Insurance & Surety Corp are the sponsors that made this tournament possible. Manila Bulletin and Sports Weekly are the media parnters. The foreign delegation will be hosted by Heritage Hotel, the official hotel.


The 9th Euro-Med Storm International Masters Challenge got under way today at the Pearl Bowling Center in HP Pearl Sports Center and saw Korean pro bowler Kim Hyun Bum take an early lead by firing a 1543 series for six games and automatically qualify into the quarter finals on Friday. Kim rolled games of 265, 239, 244, 258, 258, and 279 to take the pole position in this prestigious tournament sponsored by Euro-Med Laboratories and Storm Products. Storm's Tim Mack also qualified along with PBAP-Bowlmart member J Em Ang. The top three qualifiers of the day automatically qualifies into the Friday quarter finals for the Euro-Med division. Tim rolled a 1426 series while J Em rolled a 1416 series. Another PBAP-Bowlmart member, Gene Basa, rolled a 1404 series to finish fourth just three pins better than Ryan Lalisang, Indonesian national team player and sponsored by JAB, who just arrived and bowled right away. Another Korean pro Park Kyung Shin, a lefty rolled a 1399 series to place sixth. National bowler Biboy Rivera, from Team Prima, finished with a 1367 four pins ahead of UAE national team member Hussain Al-Suwaidi. TBAM-Prima team mates, Richie Poblete and Chester King rounds up the top ten scores as they rolled 1332 and 1319 respectively.

Despite the sudden withdrawal of Hong Kong National team bowlers, the competition level is still very high and the scores are expected to be very high as more professional bowlers from Japan, Korea, and the USA are due to come in tomorrow and Tuesday. More national team members from Brunei, Guam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, UAE, and Vietnam are scheduled to arrive also.

In the Bevida-Storm Challenge PBAP-Bowlmart's Yap Seok Kim is on top of the leader board with a 1469 series. ITBA-Imus bowler Roel Obaob rolled a 1453 and PBA's Ceasar Muere bowled a 1423 to finish in second and third respectively. PBAP-Bowlmart team members found themselves in fourth to tenth place led by J Em Ang's 1416. Lefty Trixie De Luna finished with a 1398. L A Lara, from MTBA, rolled a 1388 to finish in sixth sandwiched by the home association's bowlers. Benedict Tiong (1376), Anne Marie Kiac (1375), Bryle Salamat (1350), and Kevin Cu (1348) rounds up the top ten qualifiers in the challenge sponsored by Bevida Distilled Drinking water, Ark International, Coke products, Wave products, Roto Grip, ASI, AZO, EGI, Manila Prime Holdings, Quantum Science, and Premiere Insurance & Surety Corp. The foreign bowlers will be staying in the official hotel, Heritage Hotel.

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