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Bowling News USA - May 10, 2012 Storm Announces Winners of Queens Watch & Win Contest


As a big supporter of women’s bowling, Storm is proud to announce the winners of the USBC Queens Sweepstakes & Watch and Win Contest. The USBC Queens Sweepstakes winners will receive FREE Storm merchandise ranging from balls to shirts. Everyone who entered received a rebate coupon for Storm’s new Vivid high performance bowling ball. 

Without further delay, the winners are;

Vivid Ball Terry Widmer
Vivid Ball James Dunn
Vivid Ball Lee Ann Stull
Vivid Polo Steve Stack
Vivid Polo Andrew Jennings
PDW T-Shirt Ray Jaszcz


The grand prize winner will receive a prize package of a Vivid, Modern Marvel, Crossroad, 3-ball tote, Vivid Polo, PDW t-shirt, and a Storm towel.

The Grand prize winner is...

Mandi Fournier from Braintree, VT. 

Winners have been notified by email and instructed how to claim their prize.


Thank you to all who participated in the contest.  Stay tuned to for future contests and your chance to win valuable Storm merchandise!




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