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Bowling News USA - April 25, 2012 Why Storm's Jason Belmonte Should be PBA Player of the Year...

With three PBA titles (including the Elite Players Championship) under his belt for the season, Storm staffer Jason Belmonte awaits the voting by PBA membership for 2011-12 PBA Player of the Year. In addition to the three titles, (a 21.5% winning percentage), Belmonte made nine shows, (65% of the tournaments he competed in), had seven top- five finishes, bowled a 300 game on national television and had one of the greatest season's in PBA history.

Belmonte dominated the World Series of Bowling, winning three events. He was the 21st person to shoot a 300 game on national television. Belmonte finished first in championship round appearances and garnered $137,375 in earnings. Belmonte also finished third in the U.S. Open and Tournament of Champions, fourth in the PBA World Championship and ninth in the USBC Masters.

"Its up to the PBA members to decide on who was the best bowler of the year," said Belmonte, reflecting on his PBA season. "I gave myself the best possible chance of winning the award with my efforts this season. Player of the Year is about winning and making TV. I won the most. I made the most shows. I was in contention every week, especially the majors. I am so proud of the hard work I've put into my game and to see those results come through because of that work is very rewarding, especially because of the sacrifices I've had to make this season. I'm so happy to achieve and do what I did."

In addition to his PBA stats, Belmonte showcased his talents in all levels of world competition, winning five tournaments, including the World Cup, and shooting another televised perfect game in the title match of the WTBA Thailand Open.

When Jason is not competing on tour, he makes personal appearances on behalf of Storm and is working hard to improve bowlers all around the world. He is a partner of the International Art of Bowling. The goal at IAB is to grow the most exciting, committed, cutting-edge bowling community in the world. Jason has a deep respect for the sport of bowling and is most deserving of the 2011-12 PBA Player of the Year.

Other Storm staff members on the ballet include;

NORM DUKE - Clermont, FL. Who won three titles, including the Dick Weber Playoffs, and had five top-five finishes. The Hall of Famer moved into third place in all-time PBA Tour titles with his 37th career victory. He ranked sixth in average, points and earnings.

OSKU PALERMAA - Finland  Who became the first two-handed player to win a PBA major (PBA World Championship) and he won the Kuwait International Open, the first international title ever awarded under a new agreement between the PBA and the World Tenpin Bowling Association. He had two other top-five finishes, and finished eighth in the U.S. Open and Tournament of Champions. Palermaa was fifth in points and earnings.

PETE WEBER - St. Ann, MO. Who won the U.S. Open, the 36th title of his career, as he became the first player ever to win that prestigious title five times. The Hall of Famer, who has never won Player of the Year honors, also had two other top-five finishes including fifth in the PBA World Championship while finishing 12th in average, and fourth in both points and earnings.

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