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Bowling News USA - March 23, 2012 Kevin Punzel Fires 888 With Storm Vivid!

Kevin Punzel set a Janesville record with one of the 10 highest scores in Wisconsin history Thursday, March 22, by firing an 888 series at RiversEdge Bowl.

Using a new Storm VIVID, Punzel opened with a 299 game, leaving a solid 10-pin on his final ball, league-mate Richard Nary reported via phone. Punzel then fired a perfect game and started the third game with 10 strikes before leaving another ringing 10-pin for a 289 and the 888, Nary said. Sadly, Punzel lost out on a jackpot of more than $6,700 by not striking out the last game, Nary said.

After overcoming a serious illness, Punzel won his first Madison Area Scratch Tour tournament this season, taking the title at Viking Lanes on Feb. 26. According to statistics compiled by Doug Schmidt of the Ten Pin Journal, the 888 is the ninth-highest series in Wisconsin history.

The eight higher series are 900s by Ton Roventini, Mark Wukoman and P.J. Giesfeld, 899 by John Reiss, 897 by John Brooks, 896 by Mark Munsch, 893 by Cal Janus, and 890 by Don Markgraf.

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