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Bowling News USA - March 14, 2012 Interviews Pete Weber and Del Ballard


Fresh off his win at the US Open, Pete Weber was recently interviewed by Pete discusses his ball change in the championship match of his most recent title. He shared why he was so vocal during the championship match at the US Open and talks about his thoughts on some of the latest and greatest new releases from Storm. He also discusses his pin placement for the Frantic and Marvel Pearl. Finally we hit on Pete’s thoughts on what is keeping you from taking your game to the next level.

Listen to the interview with Pete Weber.


Also interviewed was PBA Tour Rep for Storm Bowling Del Ballard. Del discusses life as a tour rep, and how he works with bowlers during tournaments. He also shares why he feels Chris Schlemer is such a value to Storm/Roto Grip.  We also get into what Del calls step downs, and why it is key a key for every bowler to make step downs. Finally Del shares the one thing you must do to take your game to that next level.

Listen to the interview with Del Ballard.

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