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Bowling News USA - February 1, 2012 Clean Sweep - Storm Balls Win All Categories in Bowlers Journal Ball of the Year!



Every January, pro shop operators from around the world are invited to vote on the best bowling balls of the year.  The results are tallied and posted in the January edition of Bowler’s Journal.  Storm is a perennial contender during the voting and 2011 was no different!  Storm bowling balls were voted number one in every category they were nominated in, including the overall Ball of the Year!

Without further delay, the Storm balls that were ranked and their respective categories are:

Ball of the Year

  1. Virtual Gravity Nano
  2. Marvel Pearl
  3. Virtual Gravity Nano Pearl

Pearl Reactive

  1. Marvel Pearl
  2. Virtual Gravity Nano Pearl
  1. Roto Grip Critical Theory

Solid Reactive

  1. Virtual Gravity Nano
  1. Victory Road Solid

Hybrid Reactive

  1. Frantic
  2. Roto Grip Infinite Theory
  1. Roto Grip Rising Star


  1. Natural Pearl


“We are truly honored to be recognized by our peers with these great awards,” commented Hank Boomershine, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

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February, 2012