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Bowling News USA - January 24, 2012 Coming Soon From Storm - Modern Marvel, Crossroad, and Vivid

Storm is excited to announce the upcoming release of three hot new balls! The Modern Marvel™ and Crossroad™ will both be released on February 7, 2012; the Vivid™ will be released on March 1, 2012.


Modern Marvel


The Master™ line features new technology with strong, dynamic core shapes that are sure to help all bowlers looking to ‘master’ the sport of bowling.

Last Season, Norm Duke won the U.S. Open with the original Prodigy™ (the first in this series) while playing the straighter down-and-in line. The Centripetal™ core gave him a predictable reaction which allowed him to focus solely on his shot making and win his sixth major.

So, as we move forward with technology and discuss the intent of the new Modern Marvel™, we are looking for a stronger yet controllable ball motion that will fit a variety of bowlers and lane conditions, and one that yields a consistent motion throughout the entire lane.



One of the most popular balls of this year’s World Series of Bowling, the Marvel™ Pearl was preferred by Ryan Shafer, Dom Barrett, and many more looking to open up the backends. The new Modern Marvel will provide more midlane traction as it features a textured R2X™ hybrid reactive cover.

Prepped with 4000-grit Abralon® to match the “modern” environment, the Modern Marvel provides an optimum amount of traction throughout the entire lane; just enough glide through the heads without over-skidding and enough backend to verify you are indeed throwing a Storm bowling ball.

The Centripetal™ core’s symmetrical shape provides countless drilling options. So feel free to drop your favorite layout in the Modern Marvel as this shape has quickly become one of the favorites of players around the globe. And if you are looking for something a touch different than what you already have, be sure check out the Storm symmetrical drilling guide as you’re sure to find exactly what you need.

With this outstanding combination of coverstock and core, you’ll quickly see why this new release from Storm is sure to become a true modern marvel.

Click here for more information on the Modern Marvel.




With major victories ranging from the PBA tour to international championships, the Hy-Road™ has won the world over. It’s been so popular that it has now made the catalog four straight years; something rarely seen anymore!

When the Victory Road™ was introduced earlier this year, it quickly proved to be a terrific complement and follow up to its predecessor. With an R2S™ pearl reactive coverstock, the Victory Road floats through the heads and glides easily to the break point before unleashing towards the pocket.

The intent of the new Crossroad™ is to identify the best components of these two champions and combine them, creating a new superpower in the bowling world.



The number one factor of ball motion is coverstock. So, when we are looking to expand upon the Victory Road with the proven components of the Hy-Road, we first started with the R2S hybrid reactive shell that seemed to match up on every lane condition imaginable.

Finished to 1500-grit as well, the new Crossroad is sure to skid through even the most hooking heads around. But if your speed is higher and the heads are slick, you can still adjust the surface texture easily as R2S is one of the most versatile coverstocks on the market.

Encasing the Hy-Road shell around the Victory Road’s Inverted Fe³ Technology™ weight block gave us the best of both worlds. The advancements made in Fe³ allowed us to utilize a larger mass to increase the dynamics, upping the differential approximately 15% in the 15 pounders. More differential equals more flare, and you can control the amount of flare with the proper layout. Put your favorite layout in the new Crossroad and in your next tournament you’ll be the first to cross the finish line!

 Click here for more information on the Crossroad.




Storm is synonymous with high performance. Looking at the best competitive bowlers around the world, all gathered in Las Vegas for this year’s PBA World Series of Bowling, Storm emerged as the clear leader in our sport with complete domination of the events.

The intent of the new Vivid™ is to create a motion which expands the current Premier™ line, giving you a clear picture of the lane condition while utilizing Storm’s most technologically-advanced cores and coverstocks. This new Vivid will be a perfect fit between the original Virtual Gravity™ Nano solid and pearl versions, combining midlane traction and backend hook.

By now you are probably familiar with the term nanotechnology. While it technically refers to the study of manipulating matter on an atomic and molecular scale, nanotechnology in the coverstock creates heavy surface texture like no other. So, anytime you see the new NRG™ logo on a ball, know that you’ve got the best bowling has to offer.



Starting at the center, the heart of the bowling ball, the technical team developed a new asymmetrical shape known at the M.A.D.™ core. Maximum Accelerating Disc technology optimizes the shapes of the RG planes to allow you to perfectly dial in your desired reaction.

Moving to the shell, the NRG™ solid reactive coverstock utilizes nanotechnology to create additional contours and surface texture. Proven in the original Virtual Gravity Nano, this coverstock allows bowlers of all skill levels to hook the ball like a pro. Just give it a little side roll and watch the Vivid do its magic.

Prepped with a 2000-grit finish, the Vivid can be smoothed with Xtra Shine™ if you find it has just too much teeth. But know that with the Vivid you’ll be sure to see a true heavy roll with increased break point responsiveness like no other.



Click here for more information on the Vivid.


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