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Bowling News USA - January 23, 2012 February High Roller, TAT Ready to Roll in Las Vegas!


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These events are coming up!

February TAT Nationals - a bowler from each division in Final Round! Feb 5 - 11
February High Roller - 1 in 4 cashing ratio! Feb 5 - 10
Senior Easter Classic - 2 events for age 60 & over and for age 50 & over! April 1 - 7
Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters & 1st Responders - On The Lanes May 14 - 17



January 22, 2012

Greetings from Las Vegas! Get ready for great double-header action from February 5th through the 11th! Truly something for everyone in Las Vegas - the Bowling Capital of the World!

Entries for both February events are coming in at a great pace!
Orleans and Gold Coast has a free shuttle back and forth from each property.
Roto Grip balls for the February TAT - Bandit™ and the Crown™ spare ball. The spare ball can be upgraded for $65 for the brand new Defiant™, scheduled for release in mid-January
Over at the High Roller, players receive a Storm Victory Road™ Solid on their 1st re-entry, Virtual Gravity™ Nano Pearl on their 3rd re-entry and the Virtual Gravity™ Nano on their 5th re-entry
TAT & High Roller both start on Super Bowl Sunday, February 5. High Roller ends on the 10th, hosted by Orleans. TAT ends on the 11th and is hosted by Gold Coast.

New in 2012:

High Roller, at Orleans for the 1st time, is welcoming some PBA members. Read up on the eligibility rules on the brochure posted at High Roller is presented by Storm, the Bowler's Company!
The February TAT Nationals is hosted by Gold Coast, just a mile from Orleans and presented by Roto Grip.
TAT's new 1 in 8 ratio to the finals will produce more $500 winners! Ever just miss the cut by a few sticks? This just might be the answer! And this year, a bowler from each division is in the Championship Round, 1 game away from $20,000!
High Roller has now paid $89,578,733 in prizes to bowlers since the inaugural event in 1982! For more info and brochures, call us toll free 1-800-257-6179 or visit us at Enter online - it's fast, easy & secure!



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