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Bowling News USA - December 22, 2011 Storm Staffer Shoots 300 and Wins New Car

Storm staffer, Bobby Raymond shot 300 and won a brand new car during the ’12 Days of Christmas’ event, presented by HobNob of Murfreesboro.  Raymond put together 12 strikes and drove away in his brand new Chevy Cruze. 

The event was open to anyone who was not a professional bowler and didn’t average over 226.   The first person who shot the perfecto, won the new car from the Pirtle-Howerton Automotive Group.  The event didn’t cost anything to enter so there were a lot of people waiting for their shot at the new ride.  The event started at 5:00 PM but Raymond didn’t get to bowl until 6:45PM.  

After 15 minutes of practice, it was time to roll the Storm Frantic™ for real.  He started out with six people on his pair.  Once a bowler failed to strike their name was removed from the lanes.  If they threw a strike, they moved on to the next frame.  Raymond wasn’t the only one striking though.  “There was another guy on the same pair that wasn’t missing,” commented Raymond.  “He was actually throwing the ball better than I was and he was the leadoff bowler.  If we both made it to the tenth he would have gotten the first chance at the 300.”  Fortunately for Raymond the other bowler caught an unlucky break in the 8th frame where Raymond struck and moved on to the ninth frame.

“I don’t remember much about the 9th - 11th shots except having a lot of adrenaline and trying to keep myself calm,” Raymond said.  “Before the 12th shot the announcer spoke over the intercom to the entire bowling center about Raymond’s chance at the new car.  “One more strike and he wins a new car,” the announcer called.  Raymond calmly stepped on the approach and made the best shot he could, considering the pressure.  “I sent it out wide a touch,” Raymond said.  “I thought I was going to leave a 10-pin.  Luckily the Frantic made a strong recovery and now I have a wonderful early Christmas present!” 

Raymond was married on October 7, 2011 and both he and his wife have been working two jobs.  “This has been such an amazing blessing,” Raymond said.  “I would like to thank HobNob Murfreesboro, LTA Depot, Bowlers Advantage Pro Shops, Scott Salem, and of course, Storm Products for making the best bowling equipment on the planet!”


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