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Bowling News USA - December 22, 2011 Ohio High School Bowler Fires 599 For 2 Games With Storm Victory Road Solid

The term “strike” isn’t used often in Ottawa high school sports circles.

During the month-long baseball season, pitchers will throw the ball and wait for the umpire to call: “Strike.”

Soccer players looking to score a goal will try to strike the ball with the right force and at the right angle beat the goalkeeper.

If you were in the United States, high school student/athletes head for the bowling lanes with the aim of putting together a string of strikes.

During a tri-match competition on Monday at the Stow-Kent Family Entertainment Center in Stow, Ohio, a suburb of Akron, Tyler Meredith was the master of the strike.

During his two-game series for the Stow-Munroe Falls High School Bulldogs against neighbouring Brunswick and Hudson, Meredith came within one pin of bowling back-to-back perfect games of 300 in 10-pin bowling. Meredith used a Victory Road Solid to accomplish the feat.

In his first game, the Grade 11 student/athlete rolled 11 consecutive strikes before leaving one pin standing after his final ball for a 299.

Still in the grove, Meredith went one pin better in his second game with 12 straight strikes for a 300.

His accomplishment is believed to be a state high school record for a two-game series.

The ball was drilled by Don Hogue at North Star Pro Shop

What made this feat even more impressive was Meredith probably bowled his worst two-game series the previous week.

“You know as a coach that they’re capable, but when they bowl bad you’re not quiet sure what to say except wait till next time,” Stow-Munroe Falls boys’ bowling coach Glenn Duncan wrote on the school’s website.

“After bowling what could have been his lowest two-game series, JR Tyler Meredith came back home to Stow-Kent Family Entertainment (Monday) to bowl what is most likely the record high series for high school bowling in a two-game series of 299-300-599. OUTSTANDING.”

Looking rather serious after the final strike of his perfect game and being congratulated by high-fiving teammates and members of the other two teams, Meredith appeared to break down and cry.

But Meredith wasn’t the only Bulldog bowler putting up big numbers. Mike Edwards, a Grade 10 student, scored 278-206-484, and senior Brent Botzer went 236-236-472.

Stow-Munroe Falls won the tri-match with 2,758 pins, while Brunswick had 2,236 and Hudson counted 1,737.

To watch a video of Meredith’s final strike, go to the web address below: CLEVELAND&Avis=PA

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