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Bowling News USA - November 27, 2011 Colorado Bowler Fires 899 With Storm Frantic!

Terry Weddel almost did what most bowlers can only dream of doing...bowling a perfect series with three "300" games.  On November 16, 2011, Weddel put together games 300-300-299 for his record setting 899 series A stubborn 4-pin cost him a perfect series.  He was bowling in the Littleton Businessmen's League at Crown Lanes carrying a 239 average, which is the only league he is bowling in this year.  Weddel carried the 2010-2011 high average (tied with Aaron Franks) for the Greater Denver Bowling Association with a 239 in the same league.  He is also competing in the newly formed Colorado State Bowling Tour and doing very well. 


Rich Martinez laid out the Storm Frantic bowling ball used during this outstanding bowling feat and Weddel himself drilled it.  A week later at the same bowling center, Weddel rolled yet another 300 game and 817 series with the same bowling equipment.  This is a tremendous accomplishment by this 24-year-old bowler.  Before the "899" series, Weddel had fourteen "300" games and thirteen "800" series with the highest being a 868 series at AMF Belleview Lanes.  He has been an adult member of the Greater Denver Bowling Association for nine years and, of course, was with the YABA before turning adult. 


Weddel started bowling at Crown Lanes when he was two years old.  Colorado State Hall of Famer, Frank Tavella, got him started in bowling.  He shot his first "300" game at the tender young age of 14 at Crown Lanes.  "I've been drilling my own bowling equipment since I was 12 years old and I always loved being in the pro shop," commented Weddel. "I have had Rich Martinez helping me out with my game lately so that I may get to the next level in bowling."


"I was tearing up a little bit with emotions starting to take over knowing what I was capable of doing," Weddel said, when he was asked what went through his mind before the last ball.  "It took me a moment to get back in check and refocused for the last ball by telling myself to relax and just give the ball a chance to strike, which I felt like I did, but the high flush 4-pin said otherwise."


Weddel wanted to thank his parents, Kimberly and Terrill Weddel, for giving him all the support he has ever required.  He also wanted to thank all his friends and family for all their support throughout the last 22 years of bowling. 

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