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Bowling News USA - October 19, 2011 Recap of 2011 Women’s World Championships by Shannon O’Keefe

Singles:  We bowled all six games on Paris (a 47-foot pattern with low volume). I started with my eyes around 15 using my pin-up Prodigy with no hole; we had the surface at 500. Once they started to break down, I made parallel moves left, which also gave me a little room right. My reaction was great and my moves were right on as I started with 235-265-268-234-239. I continued to try and move farther left, but I couldn’t carry the corners. When I tried to move right, my ball would go high. I tried changing to something weaker like the Victory Road Solid & Victory Road, but neither of those seemed to roll right either. Before I knew it the game was over and I shot 200. I finished tied for 7th, 45 pins out of the top four.

Doubles: Stefanie Nation and I bowled doubles together. We bowled all six games on Seoul (a 39-foot pattern). I started with my Marvel Pearl with my eyes around 12. I had a very good reaction to start and shot 254 the first game. After that I struggled with carry and bowled 211, 193. In game four we crossed next to Denmark who were 300 over; they were playing around five so I jumped right. It was close, but still not right. I moved all over the place and threw every ball I had with me (Prodigy, Marvel Pearl, Nano Pearl, Victory Road Solid, Victory Road) I struggled and ended up 70 over for the four games.

Trios:  Stefanie, Shannon Pluhowsky, and I bowled trios together. Our first three games of trios were on the Seoul pattern. I started with my Marvel Pearl and was able to bump left, which gave me a little hold. I started with 244, 216, and 197 for a three game total of 657. The second day we bowled on the Paris pattern. I started around 17 with my Prodigy and the surface at 500. I shot 204 with an open in the tenth. The next game I moved farther left and got a little softer with my speed and shot 300! My last game I shot 217. We qualified fourth and had to bowl Korea. I moved even farther left with my Prodigy, softened up the speed even more and set my eyes at 20. I had the front nine and shot 279. We beat Korea 750 to 663. Next we had to bowl Japan for the Gold. They got to choose the pattern and picked the 39-foot Seoul. I had attacked this pattern from multiple angles with multiple bowling balls. I decided to try my Prodigy and it looked awesome. We threw some great shots down the stretch and were able to beat Japan 631 to 605 and pull out trios GOLD!!!

Team: The first three games of team we bowled on the Paris pattern. I started around 17 with my eyes, but struggled early missing two 10-pins in the first game for a 189. I continued to keep moving left as the day went on, but at one point my angles were too open through the fronts. I shot 212 in game two. In game three I threw some great shots and threw the last six to shoot 225. The last three games we bowled on the Seoul pattern. I started out with my Prodigy. I slowly followed it left and then changed balls my last game to my Victory Road and bowled great. I believe I left a 4-pin my second shot in the tenth for 230 something and I ended up missing the top 16 for Masters by 10 pins.

Our team qualified fourth and had to bowl Germany. They chose the medium pattern, so Stefanie bowled and I watched. It’s so hard to watch, but my team bowled amazing and I screamed my head off! We beat Germany and had to face Singapore for the Gold; they chose the long pattern, so I was in and Stefanie was out. I started with my Prodigy and my eyes around 19. I left three straight single pins, but I knew that the strikes would come; I just needed to be patient. Well I was right and at one point we had 15 strikes in a row as a team and shot 1210 to Singapore’s 1140. We finally brought home a Team Gold!

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