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Bowling News USA - September 19, 2011 Coming Soon From Storm!

Storm is excited to announce the upcoming release of two new products.  The Virtual Gravity™ Nano Pearl is the most anticipated ball release of the year.  Pair this ball with the original Virtual Gravity Nano and you will have a 1-2 punch that will tame even the toughest lane conditions.  Storm is also releasing a wild new look in the Hot™ line.  Not only does the Frantic™ look cool, the performance far exceeds the price you will pay for this new ball!  Look for the Virtual Gravity Nano Pearl at pro shops on October 11th and the Frantic on October 25th!


Virtual Gravity Nano Pearl




Storm is known for producing THE BEST high performance balls on the market. When the Virtual Gravity Nano was released earlier this year, it immediately became the number one selling high performance ball on the planet! Every lane in every bowling center around the world quickly turned orange. 

Nanotechnology is the study of manipulating matter on an atomic and molecular scale. As we have mentioned before, a breakthrough in coverstock technology rarely happens due to the complex nature of chemistry and polymer science. But Storm is all about innovation, so it’s no surprise that the new NRG™ cover has again taken the world by storm.

The magnification of the surface of the new NRG coverstock shows you the increased surface texture between the peaks and valleys, as well as the more aggressive edges on the top of the peaks! Thank you nanotechnology!

Continuing to move forward with the new technology breakthrough, our new release will glide through the heads more easily than the original Virtual Gravity Nano yet still handle heavy oil.



The Shape-Lock HD™ Core which powered the original Virtual Gravity Nano produced a fast-revving action that helped bowlers create more ball motion and total hook. While the new nanotech cover provided a lot of sizzle, unless it’s paired with a quality weight block or core you will never see the advantages of either.

In looking for different ways to expand the benefits of nanotechnology, we explored several additive options to the base NRG coverstock and found that adding mica to this shell material created a cleaner glide through the heads without sacrificing any of its ability to handle larger amounts of oil. You’ll see increased entry angle with the new Virtual Gravity Nano Pearl with simultaneous amplified oil traction usually reserved for textured solids.






Storm’s product line includes a wide variety of weight block, cores, and coverstocks. This is because we know that different bowlers have different needs. And we have a responsibility to make sure, when it comes to your arsenal and you’re ready to hit the lanes, that you have all of your bases covered.

Storm’s Hot™ line offers an extremely wide variety of performance. From the more aggressive 2Fast™ and 2Furious™, to the more predictable Natural™ and Natural Pearl, you are sure to see the differences in technology.  

And while some companies offer only recycled core designs at an affordable price point, Storm designed the dynamic N.O.S. ™ Core specifically for this line. To develop the Hot line to its fullest potential, we will create a new ball that offers both a dynamic shape and impressive performance on medium oil conditions.


For the new Frantic, we wanted a reliable, proven coverstock that would provide a clean glide through the heads and attack the drier boards on the backend. R2S™, the second generation of Reactor™ coverstock material, is the perfect choice as it does just that.

With a pearl and a solid version available in the line, we prepared a hybrid version to see if it blended both power and control. Armed with the exact same coverstock as the Hy-Road™, it proved itself quickly during the testing process and moved on to the next phase, surface preparation. 

With a 1500-grit polished finish, the new Frantic was impressive during C.A.T.S.® testing as it created three times the entry angle of the 2Furious.  

Looking under the hood, you’ll find the innovative N.O.S. Core. When compared with the Turbine™ Core, we created an increase of flare potential by more than 15% with this higher volume core. Wrap this core with the same coverstock as the Hy-Road and it’s easy to see why the bowling world is sure to be frantic over this new masterpiece!


 Storm - We are “The Bowler’s Company™.”   

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