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Bowling News USA - August 8, 2011 Andres Gomez Rolls Marvel Pearl to PBA Regional Victory...

Storm star Andres Gomez notched his first PBA Regional win over the weekend at the PBA South Region's Jimmy Keeth Memorial Open in Jupiter, Florida.
Gomez, a Storm International Sales Consultant, used the new Storm Marvel™ Pearl and 2Fast™.
"It's my first regional win," said Gomez. "I have only bowled a few in the last five years.
I used the Marvel Pearl and 2Fast most of the time. These two balls worked perfectly on a pretty tough Scorpion pattern."

Gomez won $2500 for first place.

For more information on the Storm Marvel Pearl, click here:

PBA South Region Jimmy Keeth Memorial Jupiter Florida Open

Jupiter Lanes - Jupiter, Florida
Oil Pattern Scorpion
Final Standings
Pos - Name - Hometown W - L - Pins - Prize

1. Gomez, Andres - Colombia 7-2 - 4644/22 - $2500 (Storm)
2. Rodriguez, Jesse - Davie, Fla. 6-4 - 4844/23 - $1250
3. Newell, Scott - Deland, Fla. 5-1 - 4183/19 - $800
4. Moore, Mike - Orlando, Fla 5-4 - 4553/22 - $800


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