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Bowling News USA - August 4, 2011 Storm Announces the Release of the Sportcast II™


Storm is the bowlers company!  We pride ourselves on giving every bowler the tools to be the best bowler they can be.  The Sportcast II is the newest addition to our line of wrist supports to help bowlers improve.

A re-design of the original Sportcast™, Storm increased the length and modified the wrist straps, incorporating key elements of the Forecast™.  Not only is the Sportcast II useful for bowlers who tend to break their wrist during the swing, but also can be positioned to the inside of the wrist, helping bowlers create a heavier roll and a stronger strike ball!

“This support is great for pro shops trying to better manage their inventory because it’s universal in the fact that it can be used for both right and left handed bowlers,” commented Steve Kloempken, Storm’s Global Technical Advisor. “Another added benefit is that this support’s unique design doesn’t require different specific sizes.  With both the Forecast and Sportcast II, one size fits all! It’s also great for consumers because the glove is customizable, as all three straps detach completely.  This ensures a perfect fit for EVERYONE!”

Visit your local pro shop to pick up your Sportcast II today!

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