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Bowling News USA - July 12, 2011 Now Available From Storm - The Marvel™ Pearl and Victory Road™ Solid!

Storm is excited to announce the addition of two new balls to their product line.  The Marvel™ Pearl and the Victory Road™ Solid are available at your local pro shop today! Both balls fit perfectly in our already impressive line of bowling balls. Read below for more information on both new balls.


Marvel Pearl


The Master™ Line features new technology with strong, dynamic core shapes that are sure to help all bowlers looking to ‘master’ the sport of bowling.

The successes of the original Prodigy™ and Marvel verify the technological feats like the Centripetal™ core used to power both. The lower center of gravity creates a heavy midlane roll, terrific for those looking to manage the body of the oil pattern better.

Playing the straighter down-and-in line, Norm Duke won this year’s U.S. Open using the Prodigy. The Centripetal core gave him a smooth and consistent transition all throughout the lane, allowing him to focus on his execution and pin carry.

So, if you’re looking to perform like the best in the world, like Norm Duke, the Master Line is sure to help you get there.


Looking to expand the Master Line with additional performance options, our product development team determined that, with the successes and feedback from bowlers around the globe, the series needed to expand with a new coverstock option. A highly polished pearl blend made the most sense being that we were looking to create a stronger move to the pocket.

The Prodigy’s pearl R2X material included enhanced traction mica (ETM) and a 4000-grit Abralon® texture to help control the midlane with reading as early as the 2000-grit solid Marvel. So, taking the ETM out of shell and reducing the surface roughness with a 1500-grit polish, created more of a skid-flip reaction that bowlers love. Throw the Marvel Pearl out to the dry and watch it marvelously recover every time!

Remember that it’s the weight block/core that determines the roll pattern due to its migration path, and the Centripetal™ core’s unique shape will power this new Marvel Pearl as well. The beauty of this shape is that it’s easy to drill and produces a very predictable motion that really packs a punch.


Victory Road Solid


With major victories ranging from the PBA tour to international championships, the Hy-Road™ has won the world over. When the Victory Road was introduced earlier this year, it quickly proved to be a terrific complement and follow up to its predecessor. Storm’s Norm Duke and Jason Belmonte, both HUGE fans of the original Hy-Road, quickly embraced this new design and boasted of its strong, reliable motion throughout the entire lane.

With an R2S™ pearl reactive coverstock, the Victory Road floats through the heads and glides easily to the break point, even on the roughest lane surfaces. And with just a modest amount of axis rotation, or side roll, the Victory Road opens up the backends like no other.

But lane conditions change and sometimes you need more traction in the midlane. This is where the new Victory Road Solid comes to life.


Looking for more traction in the midlane and an earlier break point, our development team set out on a journey to find an ideal combination of coverstock, surface preparation, and weight block.

The Victory Road’s inverted Fe³ technology™ weight block will power the solid version as well. It’s a true performer, a real workhorse that gets the job done every time.

Using CATS technology to evaluate the proper shell and surface, the team analyzed several combinations and chose the solid R2S cover with a 3000-grit Abralon® finish. This gave the new Victory Road Solid just the right amount of roll in the midlane with ample backend hook, just what every bowler wants. This new 3000-grit finish gave us a different look and proved to be a great addition to our lineup of finish options.

For more information on these balls and all Storm equipment visit

In conclusion, Storm continues to develop innovative technology combined with fine workmanship.  That’s why we are “The Bowler’s Company.”

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