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Bowling News USA - June 15, 2011 Storm Staffer and Team Moosehead Grill Set USBC Record using Storm Equipment!

Storm Staffer, Jodi Woessner, and her team, Moosehead Grill, set the USBC record for team game by a three man/one woman team on Tuesday night at Jug's Bowling Center in Toledo, OH. 

The team was led by Chris Hayward who shot 300 with his Virtual Energy™.  He was followed closely by Aaron Hawkins who shot 299 with a Prodigy™, Chuck Reynolds who fired a 276 with a Anarchy\™, and Jodi Woessner who put up a 269 with a Victory Road™.

The team total of 1144 was also good enough to move them into the record books as 5th place for an open 4 person team.

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