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Bowling News USA - May 11, 2011 Storm Products, Inc. Staffer Breaks World Record!

Storm Staffer Breaks World Record!

Storm Products, Inc. staff member Chad McLean and Gene Dalusio from Gainesville, FL took to the lanes on April 30th in an attempt to break the world record for total pin fall by a two man team in a 24 hour period. 

By noon on May 1 the duo had a world record in their names!

In all, 27,437 pins were knocked down. The record was for total pinfall not using traditional scoring.   "27,437 pins = a good nights sleep tonight!" commented McLean on his Facebook page.

This isn’t McLean’s first attempt to break a world record.  Last year he attempted to break the world record for the longest bowling streak.  Although he didn’t break it, he learned that it takes a lot of dedication and preparation to be ready for the attempt. 

McLean, owner and operator of Apex Pro Shop in Gainesville, FL has an impressive history in both bowling and sports fitness.  His partner, Dalusio, has been bowling for 10 years and has always had the aspiration to break a world record. 

There are several rules that had to be followed to break the record including:

  • The record was for most pins knocked down within 24 hours – NOT traditional bowling score
  • The record was to be attempted by a team of two
  • The attempt was to be made on one lane
  • Machine may be reset for first ball attempt (10 pins)
  • Bowlers may use either the right hand or left hand

Storm would like to congratulate McLean and Dalusio on thier accomplishment!

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