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Bowling News USA - April 25, 2011 Young-Kwan Kim Wins 2011 KYC Pro Bowling Tournament

Young-Kwan Kim(33, Team Storm) won his first championship title from 2011 KYC Pro Bowling tournament held in Hogye Sports complex during April 19th ~April 22nd. It was the first major title after his debut in 2009

He recorded 2nd place at the previous Amazon Aquarium Cup tournament 2011.
He was definitely on the right track, but still hasn’t enough luck for winning.
But this time was different. Young-kwan advanced the TV Final as a top seeder. And he didn’t even lose a match until the Final.

Jin-Seok Kong(30, DSD) advanced the TV final by defeating  Kojima Toshihumi(JPBA Bowler),256-193.

They both used Virtual Gravity Nano. And the final match was a one close game.
Jin-seok led the game with great force. But, Lady luck seemed to be on Kim’s side.
Young-kwan got his pace again after the ups and downs and defeated Jin-Seok eventually,236-228.
He finally achieved his goal as a professional bowler and became a champion with about $27,000 prize


Final Result

Champion: Young-kwan Kim(Team Storm – Jinseung)
2nd place: Jin-seok Kong(DSD)
3rd place: Kojima Toshihumi(JPBA)
4th place: Kobayashi Tetsuya(JPBA)
5th place: Yong-han Kim(Perfect Korea)

Young-Kwan won every match until he advanced to TV Final.

And he defeated Jin-Seok Kong(30, DSD-Also a regular staff of Jinseung) in TV final,236-228.

Both of them used Virtual Gravity Nano.

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