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Bowling News USA - April 7, 2011 'Strikes For Sy' - Final Update

For the second half of the 2010-11 PBA season Norm Duke was bowling for more than just a paycheck and a title, Duke was bowling for a bigger cause.

Sy Harger is a special little boy who suffers from Eosinophilic Esophagitis. “It was getting pretty close to hopeless.” commented Jordan Harger, Sy’s dad.  There’s no known cure for Sy’s condition which keeps him from eating solid food.

“I want to make a difference.” commented Duke who heard about Sy from friends after a local television show covered Sy’s story.  “When he said his favorite bowler was Norm Duke, it absolutely crushed me.” said Duke.

With the financial help provided by ‘Strikes for Sy’, Sy’s health is slowly getting better with treatment. Sy’s family hopes to continue on the right path.  “Mr. Duke is making a huge impact on his life,” commented Mr. Harger, “I know he will remember it for the rest of his life.”

For every strike Duke got in a national PBA event starting January 1st through the end of the season, Storm donated $1.00 to the ‘Strikes for Sy’ fund.  In all Duke threw 1022 strikes resulting in a total donation of $1022.00 from Storm.  With all of the pledges and donations, the Strikes for Sy program raised a total of $3812.00.

"As always it seems that the money we raise is never enough.” Commented Duke, “but in this case its help that this family didn't have to battle for or jump through hoops to get. We are proud of what we accomplished and we feel good for it. Thanks to the help of Gary Tolley and Keith Jones and all of those that pledged or made donations, Sy Harger had some skin in the game in this years US Open, and I got a new friend."

To learn more about ‘Strikes for Sy’ and Storm Products, Inc., please visit

To view the video recently aired on Channel 13 news in Florida, click here.

To view the ‘Strikes for Sy’ campaign video, click here.

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