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Bowling News USA - April 4, 2011 Lessons From Norm Paying Dividends for Tang...

Storm Prodigy™ Contest winner Michael Tang of California won a March Northern California Junior Bowlers Tour stop and it should surprise no one. Tang used a Storm Marvel™ in the final and cruised to a 247 - 221 victory, after advancing with a semi-final win over his brother Darren.

Click below for Michael Tang - Storm Prodigy video.

Michael has a good coach, none other than Storm legend Norm Duke, who just won a thriller at the U.S Open and recently launched an instructional DVD. Michael spent three hours of private coaching from Duke as part of the Prodigy event.

"He really did use some of the tips he learned from Norm", revealed Michael's mother, Tracie in a text. "When you talk to Norm, tell him thanks!"

(Michael Tang)

"We are watching Michael get good quick," wrote Duke. "Look out PBA because there is nothing better for the confidence than a big dose of winning. Congratulations Michael!!"

Duke's DVD, "Learn To Bowl Competitively" is quickly becoming the best bowling instructional video in the industry.

Duke's coaching and communication skills are evident throughout the DVD and bowlers are praising the content. The overall quality and production of the DVD is excellent.

Click below for "Norm Duke's Learn To Bowl Competitively."

"We are doing very well and sales are steady," said Duke. "It has already become a great project and one we are proud of."

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