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Bowling News USA - March 14, 2011 Storm Teams Preparing For Intercollegiate Team Championships

ARLINGTON, Texas - A total of 32 teams kept their hopes alive for collegiate national titles as the field was determined Sunday for the 2011 United States Bowling Congress Intercollegiate Team Championships.


The field of 16 men's teams and 16 women's teams was determined at sectional qualifiers at four sites - Allentown, Pa.; Chattanooga, Tenn.; Peoria, Ill.; and Euless, Texas - with the top four teams in each division advancing. All teams bowled 64 games of Baker competition over two days for the right to advance to the Intercollegiate Team Championships, which will be held April 21-23 in Columbus, Ga.


Three-time defending men's national champions Wichita State advanced by winning the Euless sectional with a total of 13,273. Also advancing from Euless was Newman, Fresno State and Kansas. On the women's side, Maryland Eastern Shore totaled 13,234 to advance along with Wichita State, Newman and West Texas A&M.


In Chattanooga, the reigning women's national champions from Webber International, led the field with 12,352 and was joined by the following advancing teams: Florida State, Lindenwood and Bellarmine. For the men, Morehead State finished on top with 13,247 to move on along with Webber International, Lindenwood and Wright State.


At the Peoria sectional, Calumet College topped the men's division with 12,394 to advance with Robert Morris-Illinois, Toledo and Davenport. Midland led the women's field with 11,611, while McKendree, Robert Morris-Illinois and Wisconsin-Whitewater all advanced.


The Central Florida women finished on top in Allentown with 12,537 to advance along with Pikeville, Kutztown and Adelphi. In the men's division, Rochester Institute of Technology led with 12,669 and was joined by Purdue, Saginaw Valley State and Pikeville in advancing.


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2011 USBC INTERCOLLEGIATE TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS SECTIONAL QUALIFIERS Sunday's Results (Final results after 64 Baker games - only advancers listed)



Allentown (Pa.) Sectional

  1. Rochester Institute of Technology, 12,669 (Roto Grip).
  2. Purdue, 12,657 (Roto Grip).
  3. Saginaw Valley State, 12,559.
  4. Pikeville, 12,339. (Storm).


Chattanooga (Tenn.) Sectional

  1. Morehead State, 13,247.
  2. Webber International, 13,201.
  3. Lindenwood, 13,102.
  4. Wright State, 12,859 (Roto Grip).


Peoria (Ill.) Sectional

  1. Calumet College, 12,394.
  2. Robert Morris-Illinois, 12,358 (Roto Grip).
  3. Toledo, 12,159 (Storm).
  4. Davenport, 12,110.


Euless (Texas) Sectional

  1. Wichita State, 13,273.
  2. Newman, 12,974.
  3. Fresno State, 12,808.
  4. Kansas, 12,565.




Allentown (Pa.) Sectional

  1. Central Florida, 12,537.
  2. Pikeville, 12,110  (Storm).
  3. Kutztown, 11,896.
  4. Adelphi, 11,689.


Chattanooga (Tenn.) Sectional

  1. Webber International, 12,352.
  2. Florida State, 12,269. (Roto Grip).
  3. Lindenwood, 12,129.
  4. Bellarmine, 11,936.


Peoria (Ill.) Sectional

  1. Midland, 11,611.
  2. McKendree, 11,548 (Storm).
  3. Robert Morris-Illinois, 11,482. (Roto Grip).
  4. Wisconsin-Whitewater, 11,309. (Roto Grip).


Euless (Texas) Sectional

  1. Maryland Eastern Shore, 13,234.
  2. Wichita State, 12,508.
  3. Newman, 12,030.
  4. West Texas A&M, 11,896 (Storm).

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