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Bowling News USA - March 9, 2011 Y.E.S. Announces The Students Equipped To Strike (S.E.T.S) Program

The Bowling Foundation, YES! (Youth Education Services Fund), BPAA(Bowling Proprietors Association of America), and USBC (United States Bowling ongress) along with industry partners, Classic Bowling Products and TNBA (The National Bowling Association), are committed to making bowling available to all by providing high school varsity team members and varsity club team members with quality bowling equipment. Bowling balls will be awarded to applicants based on financial eligibility and other requirements listed below and will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. The maximum is five balls per varsity player bowling team.


Eligibility and Requirements

1. Be a high school student participating on a school sanctioned varsity bowling team or varsity bowling club team

2 Be eligible for the free school lunch program

3. Have your high school team registered with the USBC High School Team

Membership program on

4. Have the school Athletic Director and Varsity Team Coach verify the first three requirements

5. Submit an essay describing why high school bowling is important to you. (essay must be a minimum of 200 words)


There is also a S.E.T.S. program for high school teams. 

For more information on this program and Y.E.S. please visit

Storm Products, Inc. is a proud partner of Y.E.S and a supporter of high school bowling.

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March, 2011