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Bowling News USA - March 9, 2011 George Frilingos Uses the New Virtual Gravity Nano to Win Australia’s Kegel Open

This weekend saw the staging of Australia’s first event on the National calendar, the Kegel Open, hosted at Caboolture Bowl in the town of Brisbane.  96 men and 32 women participated in the event. Qualification was 10 games, cutting to the top 32, then a further 6 games cutting to the top 12, another 4 games then cutting to the top 8 for match play.  It was a long and gruelling format, 27 games over the course of 2 days (pretty standard Australian Event), pinfall carried over. 


The pattern was 41 feet and a ratio of 3 to 1. The lanes were recently resurfaced wood so the backends were screaming.  George qualified 2nd behind Roto’s Michael Little who put a 150 pins on the field.  George didn’t bowl that well but he knew the VIRTUAL GRAVITY NANO allowed him to open up the lane more than his other equipment. And he knew the finals were going to be good if he could just repeat shots better.


In the finals George jumped out of the gates with 280-268-267 for 813 and shot to the lead. The backends tightened up which made the VIRTUAL GRAVITY NANO look even more dominant.  He moved a little left which allowed him to play a touch straighter instead of having to swing the ball. What’s amazing was that the hitting power of the VIRTUAL GRAVITY NANO got stronger by the game. George extended his lead through every stage of the finals, winning by over 450 in the end (the most anyone has done in this country for some time). 


Michael Little finished 2nd, Brendan Meads finished 3rd using Storm and Roto all weekend too.  Overall Storm occupied 7 of the top 8 places, highlighting the fact that Storm is the #1 high performance brand in Australia. 

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