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Bowling News USA - March 1, 2011 Mike Jasnau in Reno for 2011 USBC Open Championships


Storm instructional staff member Mike Jasnau will be set up in Reno, NV providing video analysis lessons throughout the 2011 USBC Open Championships. You can find Mike on Lane 81 in the Lane 81 Pro Shop at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno.


Mike, who is a PBA Champion as well as a USBC Silver certified coach and Bowlers Journal Top 100 Coach, has done well over 6500 video analysis lessons. Jasnau, considered to be one of the top instructors in the country, is entering his 13th year of coaching at the National Bowling Stadium. During that time he has helped thousands of bowlers to improve their games, including many PBA touring pros and our own Storm Pro Staff members.


Jasnau and Lane 81 feature one of the only CATS systems in the western US. The Computer Aided Tracking System is able to provide important information about what your ball is doing on the lane. Ball speed and speed control are measured to a tenth of a mile per hour. Accuracy is measured to a tenth of an inch. Launch angles and entry angles are measured to a tenth of a degree. Actual rev rate and consistency of rev rates will also be checked. In addition to this valuable information, a full video analysis is part of the lesson and your lesson will be recorded on DVD with audio.

The complete CATS lesson includes the following:


  • Complete Computer Analysis
  • Full video analysis of your game
  • Personalized instruction
  • Advice on playing the USBC Open Championships lane pattern
  • Tips on how to improve
  • Take home DVD of lesson


Mike will have the 2011 USBC Open Championships lane pattern on Lane 81 for all lessons. The total cost for this complete package is $145 and takes about 90 minutes. A video analysis without the CATS data will also be available for a cost of $100 for an hour session. All bowlers taking a lesson will also receive a coupon for 10% off on high performance equipment in the Storm Booth.


Available CATS and video analysis time slots may be limited so please book your lesson reservations ahead of time by calling Mike at 775-335-8841.

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