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Bowling News USA - March 1, 2011 Now Available From Storm - The Virtual Gravity™ Nano

Today marks a new era in bowling history! Bowling has evolved from polyester to urethane to reactive urethane, and now to NRG, the latest and most innovative coverstock the world has ever seen!

The Storm Virtual Gravity Nano has arrived!

NRG stands for Nano Reactive Genesis and refers to the micro-dynamic enhancements of the surface profile. These enhancements will give bowlers increased traction in oil. Pair that with the original Shape Lock HD core and you have a ball that just won’t quit!

Click below for Virtual Gravity Nano videos!

Tom Hess saw first hand the power of the Virtual Gravity Nano when he captured the 2011 USBC Masters crown using the new ball!

Click below for Tom Hess Interview:

When the original Virtual Gravity was released in 2008, it not only turned heads but gave bowlers of all skill levels an unprecedented amount of hook on even the oiliest lanes imaginable. The new Virtual Gravity Nano is intended to create a similar yet stronger ball motion built specifically for heavy oil.

In an effort to promote the highly anticipated release of the new ball, Storm is giving away a ball a week to one lucky winner! Contestants must return to and register every week to be eligible for the weekly prize. Winners of the weekly giveaway will be announced every Tuesday beginning on March 8, 2011 and continue through May 24, 2011.

As the original Virtual Gravity quickly became Storm’s all-time best seller, the new Nano is sure to follow in its footsteps...and yes, those are big shoes to fill!

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